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It’s been a busy week for the PS Vita with a massive amount of announcements. We haven’t been able to update all of you every day on these as we are currently waiting to bring in a dedicated news editor in to our team for the site, but in the mean time we’ll aim to bring you a weekly re-cap of some of the highlights…

100 New Games For The Vita

In a shock statement, Sony have confirmed that there at least 100 games on the way for the PS Vita this year. While gamers have complained about the apparent drought of titles for the platform, it looks like 2013 is going to be the year that the Vita strikes back. With the integration with the PS4, increasing sales figures in both Japan and America following price cuts, some quality releases already this year, more already confirmed for later this year and now this announcement from Sony, things are definitely looking up…

Final Fantasy Remastered

While the rumours have been flying around for a few weeks, it has now been confirmed that we will be receivng remastered versions of both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 for the PS Vita this year. Both will feature updated HD graphics and will be based on the International versions of the games. Being released for the PS3 and Vita, both games will be released for the PS3 on a single disc but will be released as separate titles for the Vita, which we assume will be because of the size of each game. No word has been given on pricing or a specific release date.

The Walking Dead

Yes, the superb BAFTA award-winning episodic games for the PS3 is coming to the Vita! No word has been given from Telltale Games as to whether it will be released episodically or as a complete collection but it’s one we are waiting for with baited breath…

PlayStation Mobile

Sony have just released the latest version of their Developer Kit for PSM which has added support for the PlayStation Network. Whether this means that future titles will be able to incorporate Leaderboards, Trophies or both is unclear, but Sony have indicated that all future games submitted for release need to have been produced using this new build of the kit so the much requested features could be coming soon. How many developers will go back and update their older titles is uncertain but we hope many will consider this as it has been a factor in some boycotting the format. We’ll be putting this question to developers soon…

Thomas Was Alone

The indie hit (and BAFTA winner) Thomas Was Alone is being released for the Vita next month and in a surprise move it is going straight into the Instant Games Collection for PlayStation Plus members so you will be able to download this game free for a limited period! If you haven’t already got PlayStation Plus then now’s the time…


Indie developer Vlambeer are bringing their latest game Luftrausers to the PS3 and PS Vita shortly. An update of their flash-based shooter, Luftrausers is a World War II fighter plane shooter with over 100 missions and a plane that comes with over 125 weapon and power-up combinations at your disposal! You can find the official trailer for the game at

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