PlayStation Mobile Update – 9th July 2014

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It’s a busy week for PlayStation Mobile with four new updates and five brand new releases over on the EU PSN Store…

New Releases

  • Ball Flip – David Omari
  • Hill Cliff Horse – Stephen Allen
  • Paper Boss – CatGearGames
  • Road Skill – Craig Greenway
  • Sakura Flow – Like A Falcon

Interestingly with this weeks releases, all of them have been developed using Unity so this could be the way forward for PSM. Sadly, variety is somewhat lacking this week as three of the five titles are endless runners.


Just a few updates this time…

  • COSMOS – updated to version 1.06
  • Crystal Ice – updated to version 1.30
  • MUSYNC – updated to version 1.05 (a big update with the addition of new music)
  • Tower & Sooting – updated to version 1.10 (the main feature seems to be the removal of Leaderboard support)

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