PlayStation Mobile Update – 16th July 2014

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It’s the second week of PlayStation Mobile releases under the Unity banner and as expected there is another healthy schedule of releases along with another batch of updates of older titles following the request from Sony Computer Entertainment that all developers re-submit their games and apps after the release of version 2.00 of the PSM Runtime engine. Anyway, on with the roundup for the week…

New Releases

  • 3D Gems (Z-D) – match-3 puzzler but as the title suggests, in 3D
  • Alphabet Island (Lavabean) – 3D arcade adventure aimed at children
  • Highway Of Death (Z-D) – sci-fi themed 2.5D endless runner
  • Silver Zombie (xixgames) – hybrid third person shooter / arcade adventure / Time Crisis style zombie adventure


  • Cytus Lambda – updated to version 6.00, we believe that extra music tracks have been added
  • Grand Sun RYEZ – updated to version 2.01, leaderboard support removed, text improved and item drop rate increased
  • NekoRush – updated to version 1.11, leaderboard support removed
  • UFO Dad – updated to version 1.01, leaderboard support removed
  • Virtual Terminal – updated to version 2.05

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