PlayStation Mobile Update – 16th April 2014

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Following the massive range of new additions to the PSN Store last week for PlayStation Mobile enthusiasts, it’s a relative quiet update this week with just one new title and a couple of updates to existing games in the store…

First up, this week’s new game is the long awaited Eufloria Adventures, a new title in the Eufloria series from Omni Systems Limited. Weighing in at the top end of the PSM price scale hopefully this one will prove to be worth its asking price.

On the update front, two games have received updates this week (although the store gives the impression that three titles have new versions). First is Carrot Creations’ Helicopter being updated to version 1.10. The main new feature added is online leaderboards, but in addition to this the game has seen its scoring system revised, the difficulty levels tweaked as you progress further into the game and finally something we commented on in our review, you can now restart the game without having to return to the main menu.

The second update is Grand Sun RYEZ from Black Star Nursery. Quite a major update here taking the game to version 2.00 featuring new items added to the RPG, new bosses, plus leaderboard support.

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