PlayStation Mobile Software Guide

On thing that is lacking for the EU market is a comprehensive guide to PlayStation Mobile regarding the amount of software that is currently available for the format. This guide is an attempt to provide just that and at the same time address one of the key drawbacks of the format itself…

In this guide you’ll find a complete listing of all of the PSM titles currently available for the EU market along with their file sizes and the current version numbers for each. One thing that PlayStation Mobile doesn’t do at present is automatically notify users when new updates are available so this guide will allow you to check whether or not you are running the latest version of games on your system.

With regards to updates, to find out what versions your titles are, on the Vita’s home page simply hold down your finger on the icon for the game or app you want to check until the Vita enters the home screen edit mode. Once here, tapping on the game’s icon will bring up a fresh menu allowing you to create a folder, delete the game or look at the information. By checking the information you can find the version number which will generally be a three digit number (a whole number with two decimal places). As a rule, the smaller the increase in the decimal places the smaller the changes are in the update itself and to most players these will barely be noticeable – minor tweaks or bug fixes (for example a change from 1.00 to 1.01). Larger steps could see new features added, new game modes, additional levels and more. In the case of some titles, the first number has progressed as well (such as Snake which at the time of writing is now at version 2.22 and since launch has seen the addition of a new game mode, 9 additional levels and online leaderboards).

If you find that any of your PlayStation Mobile games do need updating you need to go to the PSN Store (or your download list) and simply re-download the title. This will overwrite your existing file with the newer version while keeping your save data and settings intact.

This guide is constantly being revised to bring you as much information as possible on PlayStation Mobile software and we’ll aim to bring you as much information as we can updating the guide at least once every week as new software is released / updated.

Current Contents

  • Complete A-Z list of all EU PlayStation Mobile releases
  • Details of publishers, file sizes and version numbers
  • Details of title availability in the EU and Japan
  • Details of games that feature in-games achievements

Planned Updates

  • Details of Japan-only PSM titles not available in EU territories (next major update)
  • Details of titles compatible with PlayStation TV
  • Details of titles compatible with PlayStation Certified devices
  • UK prices for titles available in EU PSN store (under consideration)

From reports we have had, there are titles being updated that are having support for Android devices removed and as we are able to test these we will update the guide with this as well. Please note that new titles released on the PlayStation Mobile store from 9th July 2014 do not appear on the PSN Store when viewed on PlayStation Certified devices.

PSM Software Version Guide – Updated 1st October 2014

Title Publisher Size (Mb) Version EU Japan Achievements
0 War Teasoft 24 9.00 Yes Yes No
16-bit Trader NCME 40 1.02 Yes Yes No
3D Gems Z-D 88 1.00 Yes No No
A Bad Opera-tunity Imperative Games 23 1.00 Yes Yes No
Adventure Bar Labyrinth Rideon Japan Inc 32 1.01 Yes Yes No
Agus Adventure Zeshan Sajid 42 1.00 Yes No No
Alien Teasoft 12 2.00 Yes Yes No
Alien Breed Team 17 64 1.00 Yes Yes Yes
Alien Walk Syntetic Dreams 11 1.00 Yes Yes No
Alphabet Island Lavabean 83 1.00 Yes No No
Apocalypse Defence Tim Collins 24 1.00 Yes Yes No
Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine Defender Tikipod 143 1.06 Yes Yes No
Arctic Adventures: Brain Freeze Eiconic Games Limited 114 1.03 Yes Yes No
ARP-BOX Full Power Side Attack 26 1.05 Yes Yes N / A
Ascent Of Kings Nostatic Software 12 1.80 Yes Yes No
Attack Of The Mutants Tim Collins 14 1.00 Yes Yes No
Balance Game Toshinori Tamashihro 4 1.00 Yes Yes No
Ball Flip David Omari 38 1.00 Yes Yes No
Battle Of Puppets Tama Games 91 1.00 Yes Yes No
Beats Slider FuturLab 96 1.01 Yes Yes No
Beats Trellis Sony Computer Entertainment 25 1.02 Yes Yes N / A
Beauty Weather Sun Pengfei 12 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Behind You Satoshi Hamano 141 1.20 Yes Yes No
Bike Rider DX Spicysoft Corporation 86 1.00 Yes Yes Yes
Blast Ninja C Bear 14 1.10 Yes Yes No
Blinkin Blobs Alan Davies 17 1.02 Yes Yes No
Block Buster Aquadia 15 1.00 Yes Yes No
Bloodred Wyvern Mukagosoftware Development 24 1.00 Yes Yes No
Bloodred Wyvern 2 Mukagosoftware Development 23 1.00 Yes Yes No
Blue Beacon Adam Mowery 40 1.02 Yes Yes No
Blue Skies Rocking Pocket Games 43 1.02 Yes Yes No
Blue Track Sun Pengfei 6 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Bomber Farm 3D xixgames 42 1.00 Yes Yes No
Boot Hill Heroes Part One Experimental Gamer 253 1.05 Yes Yes No
Breakout Lightning Game Studios 32 1.00 Yes Yes No
brg Kay Hermann 28 1.00 Yes Yes No
Buba Quirkat 68 1.03 Yes Yes No
Bullion Blitz Heavy Spectrum Ltd 42 1.00 Yes Yes No
Calculator Toshinori Tamashihro 1 1.02 Yes Yes N / A
Cannon Shot Naoya Ishizaki 156 1.00 Yes Yes No
Cardboard Castle Advanced Mobile Applications Limited 140 1.00 Yes Yes Yes
Cards Lightning Game Studios 26 1.00 Yes Yes No
Castle Invasion Imperative Games 14 1.10 Yes Yes No
Chaos Rings Square Enix 693 1.00 Yes Yes No
Chicken! Chicken! Zhang Bo 18 1.00 Yes Yes No
Chiebura Mountpunch 8 1.00 Yes Yes No
Chimpact Yippee Entertainment 104 1.04 Yes Yes Yes
Chromatic Aberration Hiive LLC 31 1.01 Yes Yes No
Cloud Disk Sun Pengfei 18 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Comic Station Nostatic Software 5 1.20 Yes Yes N / A
Console Saga TACS Games 43 1.03 Yes Yes No
Cosmic Clean-Up Ripstone 38 1.01 Yes Yes Yes
COSMOS Coderion 50 1.09 Yes Yes No
Crash Planets Tomonori Misawa 44 1.20 Yes Yes No
Creatures And Castles VX Hiive LLC 34 2.01 Yes Yes No
Cross Jump slapsticKsoftware 47 1.00 Yes Yes No
Crystal Ice The Liverpool Office 65 1.30 Yes Yes No
Cubixx Laughing Jackal 22 1.01 Yes Yes No
Currency Converter Zhang Bo 7 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Cytus Lambda Rayark Inc 797 6.00 Yes Yes No
Dark Quest Brain Seal Ltd 50 1.00 Yes Yes No
Decision Naoya Ishizaki 6 1.01 Yes Yes No
Digital Guess Zhang Bo 12 1.00 Yes Yes No
Doctor Wiggly David Martinez 14 1.00 Yes Yes No
Dodgecube Garisson Davis 75 1.00 Yes Yes No
dong Garrett Lenk 6 1.02 Yes No No
Don’t Die Dateless, Dummy! cupholderJones 35 1.00 Yes No No
DooXDoo Eicus Software 58 1.24 Yes Yes No
Down In The Valley Blackjack21 254 1.00 Yes No No
Dream Note Sun Pengfei 18 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Drop Baby Lightning Game Studios 30 1.00 Yes Yes No
Dungeon Bandit Rocking Pocket Games 43 1.01 Yes Yes No
Dynamic Visual Acuity Test Toshinori Tamashihro 4 1.01 Yes Yes No
Earth Assault Pixelelement Games 21 1.01 Yes Yes No
Eco Fish Eclipse Games 65 1.02 Yes Yes Yes
Escape Adam De Broeck 14 1.00 Yes Yes No
Escape From Hell Iasagi Strife 26 1.00 Yes Yes No
Eternal Interceptor Team Redherring 26 1.01 Yes Yes No
Eufloria Adventures Omni Systems Limited 108 1.00 Yes Yes No
Everybody’s Arcade Sony Computer Entertainment 191 2.00 Yes Yes No
FarmFury! Akie Nakao 35 1.00 Yes Yes No
Farming USA Bowen Games 68 1.00 Yes Yes No
Fat Dragons Nostatic Software 13 1.10 Yes Yes No
Feed Me Oil (International) Chillingo 37 1.00 Yes Yes No
fishFishFISH chiya 13 1.00 Yes No No
FL Scientific Calculator 4 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Flapper Princess Atelier Yoka 56 1.03 Yes Yes No
Flappig 3D Fraktal-Design 51 1.20 Yes Yes No
Fleet Connection Teasoft 26 3.00 Yes Yes No
Flick Hockey Spinning Head Software 28 1.06 Yes Yes No
Flight Of The Turtle Jeffrey King 20 1.00 Yes No No
Flight World Simulator Johan Valfridsson 1016 1.01 Yes Yes No
Floribund TACS Games 12 1.00 Yes Yes No
Fly Speed Lightning Game Studios 38 1.00 Yes Yes No
Forevolution Pygmy Studio Co Ltd 28 1.09 Yes Yes No
Fractopia Nostatic Software 5 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Frederic – Resurrection Of Music Forever Entertainment S A 560 1.03 Yes No No
Frog Ninja YUME Crawlers 7 1.20 Yes Yes No
Fruit Space Lightning Game Studios 35 1.00 Yes Yes No
Fuel Tiracas FuturLab 44 1.02 Yes Yes Yes
Galactic Labor Union Utah Game Forge 31 1.00 Yes Yes No
Galatea Satoshi Hamano 62 1.00 Yes Yes No
Grand Sun R.Y.E.Z Black Star Nursery 30 2.01 Yes Yes No
Gravity Cube Sargun Vohra 38 1.00 Yes No No
Gun Commando Ripstone 78 1.01 Yes No No
Gunhouse Necrosoft Games 86 1.01 Yes Yes No
Happy Lightning Game Studios 25 1.20 Yes Yes No
Haunt The House: Terrortown SFB Games 49 1.07 Yes Yes No
Helicopter Carrot Creations 11 1.20 Yes Yes No
Hermit Crab In Space Golden Ruby Games 17 1.00 Yes No No
Hide ‘n Zebra! Lavabean 79 1.00 Yes No No
Highway Of Death Z-D 74 1.00 Yes No No
Hill Cliff Horse Stephen Allen 53 1.22 Yes Yes No
Hills Of Glory: WWII Advanced Mobile Applications Limited 48 1.00 Yes Yes Yes
Hungry Giraffe Laughing Jackal 30 1.02 Yes No Yes
Hyper Reminder Retas 6 1.10 Yes Yes N / A
iBomber Defense (International) Chillingo 315 1.00 Yes Yes No
iFishing Rocking Pocket Games 39 1.02 Yes Yes No
iFishing Saltwater Rocking Pocket Games 41 1.01 Yes Yes No
incurvio SYNC Inc 37 1.00 Yes Yes No
Inflatable Maths Cooply Solutions 52 1.00 Yes No No
Instant Dungeon! Scott Matott 55 1.21 Yes Yes No
Instant Memory Test Toshinori Tamashihro 2 1.00 Yes Yes No
Iron Tower Defense Z-D 838 1.00 Yes No No
JAC’s Bowling James Collins 229 1.00 Yes No No
Jaggy Race! Tiziano Bizzini 148 1.01 Yes Yes No
Jail Break Scrapbook Development Limited 17 1.00 Yes Yes No
Jump Girl Zhang Bo 11 1.00 Yes Yes No
KI Scientific Toolbox Klieo Interactive 15 1.00 Yes No N / A
Kick It! – Football David Krunic 9 1.00 Yes No No
King Bean TACS Games 30 1.00 Yes Yes No
Kingdom Three Musketeers Aquadia 125 1.00 Yes Yes No
Kingdom Three Musketeers Music Library Aquadia 163 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
K-POP ni koi shite Kouwasangyou Co Ltd 88 1.00 Yes Yes No
Kung Fu FIGHT! Nostatic Software 24 1.91 Yes Yes Yes
La Charte: Protect The Whale NazeGames 88 1.00 Yes No No
Lemmings d3t Ltd 154 1.70 Yes Yes No
Life Of Pixel Super Icon 72 1.02 Yes Yes No
Light Blogging Sun Pengfei 7 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Little Acorns (International) Chillingo 34 1.00 Yes Yes No
Loot The Land Playerthree Ltd 85 1.02 Yes No No
Lucilla In The Dark mufti1975 10 1.02 Yes No No
Luminis Tim Collins 4 1.00 Yes Yes No
Magic Arrows HAMSTER Corporation 22 1.03 Yes Yes No
Magic Planet Snack Deluxe Wolfgame 16 1.01 Yes Yes No
Mahjong Mahjong Rocking Pocket Games 41 1.00 Yes Yes No
Man! Adhere 20s Zhang Bo 9 1.00 Yes Yes No
MapCache Offline Maps Nostatic Software 4 1.30 Yes Yes N / A
Math Running Nebula Dreams 27 1.00 Yes Yes No
Math Test Plunge Interactive SL 47 1.00 Yes Yes No
MechHit HorngYeuan Digital Co Ltd 39 1.00 Yes Yes No
MegaBlast Super Icon 53 1.01 Yes Yes No
Meltdown Moon TACS Games 13 1.02 Yes Yes No
Merum Seaz Develop 4 1.10 Yes Yes N / A
Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Sanae Episode Xinoro 119 1.00 Yes Yes No
Miko Gakkou: Second Year Xinoro 205 1.03 Yes Yes No
Mine Sweeper Heart Art 13 1.03 Yes Yes No
Mononoke Slashdown F K Digital Pty Ltd 147 1.05 Yes Yes No
Monster Hotel XMPT Games 31 1.02 Yes Yes No
Mugogy Jump One Simple Idea 172 1.00 Yes Yes No
Multi Counter Retas 3 1.02 Yes Yes N / A
Munchy Girl Mogumi’s Easy Diet Sony Computer Entertainment 47 1.01 Yes Yes N / A
MUSYNC Inferno 395 1.08 Yes Yes No
Neck Strike Teasoft 51 1.00 Yes Yes No
nekomimimusuemega sekainohatemade sanmawoaneiikunoDADADA Satoshi Hamano 17 1.00 Yes Yes No
NekoRush Alex McGilvray 9 1.11 Yes Yes No
News Feed Zhang Bo 5 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Night Climb M3 42 1.00 Yes Yes No
Night Riders 3D Arcade Racing 11 1.02 Yes Yes No
Ninja Insect Teasoft 13 2.00 Yes Yes No
Notepad DX Mitsuhiko Shimomura 4 1.10 Yes Yes N / A
Numblast Sony Computer Entertainment 54 1.01 Yes Yes No
Nunnageddon Daniel Cake 33 1.50 Yes Yes No
Nyoqix Zener Works 9 1.01 Yes Yes No
Ocean Craft Multiplayer Stephen Allen 50 1.20 Yes Yes No
OMG Zombies! Laughing Jackal 60 1.01 Yes Yes No
On Call Ecto 156 1.02 Yes No No
One Image Viewer MMA Developers 15 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Origami Kami Valhalla Studio Productions 33 1.00 Yes Yes No
Out Of Mind TACS Games 50 1.00 Yes Yes No
Panda Panic Brendan Carrell 94 1.00 Yes Yes No
Panic! Ripstone 104 1.03 Yes No Yes
Paper Boss CatGearGames 59 1.00 Yes No No
Passing Time Sony Computer Entertainment 45 1.00 Yes Yes Yes
Penguin Party XMPT Games 34 1.11 Yes Yes No
PicBox Stinky Badger Games 17 1.12 Yes Yes Yes
Pinky Spots Leg Massage Mobile Internet Technology Co Ltd 75 2.01 Yes Yes No
Pixel Colors Plunge Interactive SL 57 1.00 Yes Yes No
Pocket Defense RewriteWorks 75 2.00 Yes Yes No
Pocket Farm Rocking Pocket Games 27 1.01 Yes Yes No
Pong Breaker Warren Gaspard 90 1.00 Yes No No
Pop Bugs Zap Henchmen Interactive 53 1.00 Yes Yes No
Popopo Garden Akira Ohashi 7 1.00 Yes Yes No
Pushups Training Zhang Bo 9 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Puzziball Heavy Spectrum Ltd 86 1.00 Yes Yes No
Qchat Sun Pengfei 18 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
QR Code Assistant Zhang Bo 6 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Quiet Christmas Nostatic Software 7 1.60 Yes Yes No
Quiet, Please! Nostatic Software 12 2.00 Yes Yes No
QuizQuizQuiz Four Door Lemon 30 1.01 Yes No No
Radiant Flux TACS Games 11 1.81 Yes Yes No
Raina Seaz Develop 4 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Rainboxplosion ptt 42 1.00 Yes No No
Raptor RPG Stephen Allen 103 2.10 Yes Yes No
Re:marriage Mt Seed 55 1.10 Yes Yes No
Rebel PomPom Software Ltd 31 1.02 Yes Yes No
Reflect It Pull The Plug Studios LLC 22 1.03 Yes Yes No
Reflection Speed Game Toshinori Tamashihro 5 1.00 Yes Yes No
Reversi Multiboard Nebula Dreams 21 1.01 Yes Yes No
Rival Teasoft 20 3.00 Yes Yes No
Road Skill Craig Greenway 102 1.01 Yes Yes No
Rock Boshers DX Tikipod 65 1.03 Yes Yes No
Rocking RODY Sony Computer Entertainment 16 1.00 Yes Yes No
Rodem The Wild Pygmy Studio Co Ltd 35 1.00 Yes Yes No
Role Playing Tetris Wes C 12 1.00 Yes No No
Roll In The Hole (International) Chillingo 18 1.00 Yes Yes No
Rose O’Neill Kewpie’s Easy Diet Sony Computer Entertainment 119 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Runner Tim Collins 4 1.00 Yes Yes No
RushCat HorngYeuan Digital Co Ltd 16 1.00 Yes Yes No
Rymdkapsel Martin Jonasson 67 3.01 Yes Yes No
Saicoro-puzzle*KURA:ssic Emily & Charlotte Lounge 38 1.11 Yes Yes Yes
Sakura Flow Like A Falcon 52 2.00 Yes Yes No
Samurai Beatdown Beatnik Games 70 1.05 Yes No No
Scientific Electronic Calculator PentiumEE 3 1.01 Yes Yes N / A
Sea Run TACS Games 8 1.00 Yes Yes No
Seeker Tim Collins 6 1.00 Yes Yes No
Seraphim Ravenheart 42 1.00 Yes Yes No
Shikkoru Aquadia 24 1.00 Yes Yes No
Shiro-kuro hakkiri tsukeru kuma Booby Trap Ltd 27 1.21 Yes Yes No
Shooting * Featured Teasoft 14 10.00 Yes Yes No
Shovel Shuffle Chair Warming Facility 4 1.02 Yes Yes No
Shuttle Quest 2000 TACS Games 19 1.00 Yes Yes No
Silver Zombie xixgames 304 1.00 Yes Yes No
Sit Up Training Zhang Bo 9 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe Happion Laboratories 6 1.03 Yes Yes No
Slice Ninja Wizardsoft Corporation 27 1.00 Yes Yes No
Slow-mo Dodgers E Shi Games 114 1.01 Yes Yes No
Snake Carrot Creations 15 2.22 Yes Yes No
Sola Calculator Zhang Bo 5 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Sola Calendar Zhang Bo 6 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Sola Chat Zhang Bo 9 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Sola Disk Zhang Bo 15 1.01 Yes Yes N / A
Sola Gallery Zhang Bo 7 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Sola Note Zhang Bo 6 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Sola Radio Zhang Bo 7 1.01 Yes Yes N / A
Sola Timer Zhang Bo 6 1.00 Yes Yes N / A
Sola Translate Zhang Bo 16 1.01 Yes Yes N / A
Sola Weather Zhang Bo 20 1.02 Yes Yes N / A
Solbrain I – Village Lightning Game Studios 164 1.00 Yes Yes No
solbrain II – Ruins Lightning Game Studios 141 1.00 Yes Yes No
Spinning Squares Lightning Game Studios 56 1.00 Yes Yes No
Squirrel Run Zhang Bo 20 1.00 Yes Yes No
Steam Lands Lightning Game Studios 28 1.00 Yes Yes No
Still Life TACS Games 8 1.00 Yes No No
Storm Ship Shiro Lindsay Cox 115 1.00 Yes No No
Subway Run Adam De Broeck 8 1.00 Yes Yes No
Sudoku Fun Zhang Bo 7 1.00 Yes Yes No
Sukelook Seaz Develop 4 1.01 Yes Yes N / A
Super Brain Eat 3 TACS Games 10 1.50 Yes Yes No
Super Crate Box Vlambeer 8 1.03 Yes Yes No
Super Skull Smash GO! TACS Games 7 1.00 Yes Yes No
Super Sudoku Sun Pengfei 9 1.00 Yes Yes No
Super Tank Poker TACS Games 16 1.00 Yes Yes No
Surge FuturLab 44 1.02 Yes Yes Yes
Switch Galaxy Atomicom 38 1.03 Yes Yes No
Sword Of Rapier vDog 214 1.02 Yes Yes No
Ten By Eight Action Button Entertainment LLC 45 1.20 Yes Yes No
The Cube Syntetic Dreams 138 1.00 Yes Yes No
The Labyrinth Rocking Pocket Games 10 1.00 Yes Yes No
The Packet Queen Studio F# 41 1.00 Yes Yes Yes
The Sexy Seashore Nia 25 1.02 Yes Yes No
The Zombies Unleashed Garrett Lenk 15 1.02 Yes No No
Tiki Rush: Escape From Lava Island Mercury Active 99 1.03 Yes Yes Yes
Tileogo Billsmugs 3 1.00 Yes Yes Yes
Tobipen Booby Trap Ltd 11 1.22 Yes Yes No
Tokyo Jungle Mobile Sony Computer Entertainment 172 1.00 Yes Yes Yes
TonanAsiaKyo Mitsuhiko Shimomura 20 1.00 Yes Yes No
Touch Commando Rodney Davis 75 1.00 Yes Yes No
Touch Speed Fighter Toshinori Tamashihro 1 1.00 Yes Yes No
Touch Treasure Chair Warming Facility 6 1.00 Yes Yes No
Tower&Sooting GarageSoftCo Ltd 14 1.10 Yes Yes No
Tractor Trails Origin8 Technologies Ltd 46 1.01 Yes Yes Yes
TriCirSquare David Martinez 28 1.00 Yes Yes No
Trolly Bird David Martinez 6 1.02 Yes Yes No
Trolly Fish David Martinez 11 1.00 Yes Yes No
Trucks and Skulls Appy Entertainment 134 1.00 Yes Yes No
Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of Bones Action Button Entertainment LLC 13 1.00 Yes Yes No
Twist Pilot Crash Lab 33 1.05 Yes Yes Yes
UFO Dad Edit Mode 26 1.01 Yes No No
Underline Albino Pixel Limited 20 1.05 Yes Yes Yes
Unicorn Savior Studio Iris 44 1.00 Yes Yes No
Vacation Vexation Nostatic Software 28 1.31 Yes Yes No
Vacc-Balls-Chin Booby Trap Ltd 25 1.11 Yes Yes No
Virtual Terminal GTAWWEKID 5 2.05 Yes No N / A
Visualize Tim Collins 12 1.00 Yes Yes No
VitaBounce! Havishamone Games 32 1.10 Yes No No
Wipe! SYNC Inc 18 1.02 Yes Yes Yes
Word Blocked Quirkat 25 1.03 Yes Yes No
You Are The Ref Four Door Lemon 51 1.05 Yes No No
You Are The Umpire Four Door Lemon 31 1.05 Yes Yes No
Yu-Nama: The Puzzle Sony Computer Entertainment 88 1.01 Yes Yes No
Zen Accumulator Hiive LLC 31 1.01 Yes Yes No
ZooZooGo! Big Head Games Ltd 32 1.04 Yes Yes No


  • The PlayStation Mobile Runtime Library required to play PSM titles on the Vita currently stands at version 2.00. This should automatically update when you attempt to play or download a new title but if not, you will need to update this through the System menu on your PS Vita. This was updated this week to reflect the introduction of Unity support for the PSM platform.
  • As of 9th July 2014 the first games developed using Unity were added to the PSN Store.
  • Despite Unity-developed games being released from 9th July 2014, non-Unity titles are still being released.
  • In the case of fishFishFISH this has actually been removed from sale from the PSN Store and as such the game will no longer be supported.
  • TriCirSquare is not written by the same David Martinez who developed Trolly Bird, Trolly Fish and Dr Wiggly. At present there are two PSM authors with the same name. Despite making a request to Sony Computer Entertainment, the author of TriCirSquare was unable to have his author credit changed to avoid confusion on the PSN Store.


Games/apps listed: 303

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