PlayStation Mobile Software Guide

On thing that is lacking for the EU market is a comprehensive guide to PlayStation Mobile regarding the amount of software that is currently available for the format. This guide is an attempt to provide just that and at the same time address one of the key drawbacks of the format itself…

In this guide you’ll find a complete listing of all of the PSM titles currently available for the EU market along with their file sizes and the current version numbers for each. One thing that PlayStation Mobile doesn’t do at present is automatically notify users when new updates are available so this guide will allow you to check whether or not you are running the latest version of games on your system.

With regards to updates, to find out what versions your titles are, on the Vita’s home page simply hold down your finger on the icon for the game or app you want to check until the Vita enters the home screen edit mode. Once here, tapping on the game’s icon will bring up a fresh menu allowing you to create a folder, delete the game or look at the information. By checking the information you can find the version number which will generally be a three digit number (a whole number with two decimal places). As a rule, the smaller the increase in the decimal places the smaller the changes are in the update itself and to most players these will barely be noticeable – minor tweaks or bug fixes (for example a change from 1.00 to 1.01). Larger steps could see new features added, new game modes, additional levels and more. In the case of some titles, the first number has progressed as well (such as Snake which at the time of writing is now at version 2.22 and since launch has seen the addition of a new game mode, 9 additional levels and online leaderboards).

If you find that any of your PlayStation Mobile games do need updating you need to go to the PSN Store (or your download list) and simply re-download the title. This will overwrite your existing file with the newer version while keeping your save data and settings intact.

This guide is constantly being revised to bring you as much information as possible on PlayStation Mobile software and we’ll aim to bring you as much information as we can updating the guide at least once every week as new software is released / updated.

Current Contents

  • Complete A-Z list of all EU PlayStation Mobile releases
  • Details of publishers, file sizes and version numbers
  • Details of title availability in the EU and Japan
  • Details of games that feature in-games achievements

Planned Updates

  • Details of Japan-only PSM titles not available in EU territories (next major update)
  • Details of titles compatible with PlayStation TV
  • Details of titles compatible with PlayStation Certified devices
  • UK prices for titles available in EU PSN store (under consideration)

From reports we have had, there are titles being updated that are having support for Android devices removed and as we are able to test these we will update the guide with this as well. Please note that new titles released on the PlayStation Mobile store from 9th July 2014 do not appear on the PSN Store when viewed on PlayStation Certified devices.

PSM Software Version Guide – Updated 1st October 2014

TitlePublisherSize (Mb)VersionEUJapanAchievements
0 WarTeasoft249.00YesYesNo
16-bit TraderNCME401.02YesYesNo
3D GemsZ-D881.00YesNoNo
A Bad Opera-tunityImperative Games231.00YesYesNo
Adventure Bar LabyrinthRideon Japan Inc321.01YesYesNo
Agus AdventureZeshan Sajid421.00YesNoNo
Alien BreedTeam 17641.00YesYesYes
Alien WalkSyntetic Dreams111.00YesYesNo
Alphabet IslandLavabean831.00YesNoNo
Apocalypse DefenceTim Collins241.00YesYesNo
Aqua Kitty: Milk Mine DefenderTikipod1431.06YesYesNo
Arctic Adventures: Brain FreezeEiconic Games Limited1141.03YesYesNo
ARP-BOXFull Power Side Attack261.05YesYesN / A
Ascent Of KingsNostatic Software121.80YesYesNo
Attack Of The MutantsTim Collins141.00YesYesNo
Balance GameToshinori Tamashihro41.00YesYesNo
Ball FlipDavid Omari381.00YesYesNo
Battle Of PuppetsTama Games911.00YesYesNo
Beats SliderFuturLab961.01YesYesNo
Beats TrellisSony Computer Entertainment251.02YesYesN / A
Beauty WeatherSun Pengfei121.00YesYesN / A
Behind YouSatoshi Hamano1411.20YesYesNo
Bike Rider DXSpicysoft Corporation861.00YesYesYes
Blast NinjaC Bear141.10YesYesNo
Blinkin BlobsAlan Davies171.02YesYesNo
Block BusterAquadia151.00YesYesNo
Bloodred WyvernMukagosoftware Development241.00YesYesNo
Bloodred Wyvern 2Mukagosoftware Development231.00YesYesNo
Blue BeaconAdam Mowery401.02YesYesNo
Blue SkiesRocking Pocket Games431.02YesYesNo
Blue TrackSun Pengfei61.00YesYesN / A
Bomber Farm 3Dxixgames421.00YesYesNo
Boot Hill Heroes Part OneExperimental Gamer2531.05YesYesNo
BreakoutLightning Game Studios321.00YesYesNo
brgKay Hermann281.00YesYesNo
Bullion BlitzHeavy Spectrum Ltd421.00YesYesNo
CalculatorToshinori Tamashihro11.02YesYesN / A
Cannon ShotNaoya Ishizaki1561.00YesYesNo
Cardboard CastleAdvanced Mobile Applications Limited1401.00YesYesYes
CardsLightning Game Studios261.00YesYesNo
Castle InvasionImperative Games141.10YesYesNo
Chaos RingsSquare Enix6931.00YesYesNo
Chicken! Chicken!Zhang Bo181.00YesYesNo
ChimpactYippee Entertainment1041.04YesYesYes
Chromatic AberrationHiive LLC311.01YesYesNo
Cloud DiskSun Pengfei181.00YesYesN / A
Comic StationNostatic Software51.20YesYesN / A
Console SagaTACS Games431.03YesYesNo
Cosmic Clean-UpRipstone381.01YesYesYes
Crash PlanetsTomonori Misawa441.20YesYesNo
Creatures And Castles VXHiive LLC342.01YesYesNo
Cross JumpslapsticKsoftware471.00YesYesNo
Crystal IceThe Liverpool Office651.30YesYesNo
CubixxLaughing Jackal221.01YesYesNo
Currency ConverterZhang Bo71.00YesYesN / A
Cytus LambdaRayark Inc7976.00YesYesNo
Dark QuestBrain Seal Ltd501.00YesYesNo
DecisionNaoya Ishizaki61.01YesYesNo
Digital GuessZhang Bo121.00YesYesNo
Doctor WigglyDavid Martinez141.00YesYesNo
DodgecubeGarisson Davis751.00YesYesNo
dongGarrett Lenk61.02YesNoNo
Don’t Die Dateless, Dummy!cupholderJones351.00YesNoNo
DooXDooEicus Software581.24YesYesNo
Down In The ValleyBlackjack212541.00YesNoNo
Dream NoteSun Pengfei181.00YesYesN / A
Drop BabyLightning Game Studios301.00YesYesNo
Dungeon BanditRocking Pocket Games431.01YesYesNo
Dynamic Visual Acuity TestToshinori Tamashihro41.01YesYesNo
Earth AssaultPixelelement Games211.01YesYesNo
Eco FishEclipse Games651.02YesYesYes
EscapeAdam De Broeck141.00YesYesNo
Escape From HellIasagi Strife261.00YesYesNo
Eternal InterceptorTeam Redherring261.01YesYesNo
Eufloria AdventuresOmni Systems Limited1081.00YesYesNo
Everybody’s ArcadeSony Computer Entertainment1912.00YesYesNo
FarmFury!Akie Nakao351.00YesYesNo
Farming USABowen Games681.00YesYesNo
Fat DragonsNostatic Software131.10YesYesNo
Feed Me Oil (International)Chillingo371.00YesYesNo
FL Scientific Calculatorflatlib.jp41.00YesYesN / A
Flapper PrincessAtelier Yoka561.03YesYesNo
Flappig 3DFraktal-Design511.20YesYesNo
Fleet ConnectionTeasoft263.00YesYesNo
Flick HockeySpinning Head Software281.06YesYesNo
Flight Of The TurtleJeffrey King201.00YesNoNo
Flight World SimulatorJohan Valfridsson10161.01YesYesNo
FloribundTACS Games121.00YesYesNo
Fly SpeedLightning Game Studios381.00YesYesNo
ForevolutionPygmy Studio Co Ltd281.09YesYesNo
FractopiaNostatic Software51.00YesYesN / A
Frederic – Resurrection Of MusicForever Entertainment S A5601.03YesNoNo
Frog NinjaYUME Crawlers71.20YesYesNo
Fruit SpaceLightning Game Studios351.00YesYesNo
Fuel TiracasFuturLab441.02YesYesYes
Galactic Labor UnionUtah Game Forge311.00YesYesNo
GalateaSatoshi Hamano621.00YesYesNo
Grand Sun R.Y.E.ZBlack Star Nursery302.01YesYesNo
Gravity CubeSargun Vohra381.00YesNoNo
Gun CommandoRipstone781.01YesNoNo
GunhouseNecrosoft Games861.01YesYesNo
HappyLightning Game Studios251.20YesYesNo
Haunt The House: TerrortownSFB Games491.07YesYesNo
HelicopterCarrot Creations111.20YesYesNo
Hermit Crab In SpaceGolden Ruby Games171.00YesNoNo
Hide ‘n Zebra!Lavabean791.00YesNoNo
Highway Of DeathZ-D741.00YesNoNo
Hill Cliff HorseStephen Allen531.22YesYesNo
Hills Of Glory: WWIIAdvanced Mobile Applications Limited481.00YesYesYes
Hungry GiraffeLaughing Jackal301.02YesNoYes
Hyper ReminderRetas61.10YesYesN / A
iBomber Defense (International)Chillingo3151.00YesYesNo
iFishingRocking Pocket Games391.02YesYesNo
iFishing SaltwaterRocking Pocket Games411.01YesYesNo
incurvioSYNC Inc371.00YesYesNo
Inflatable MathsCooply Solutions521.00YesNoNo
Instant Dungeon!Scott Matott551.21YesYesNo
Instant Memory TestToshinori Tamashihro21.00YesYesNo
Iron Tower DefenseZ-D8381.00YesNoNo
JAC’s BowlingJames Collins2291.00YesNoNo
Jaggy Race!Tiziano Bizzini1481.01YesYesNo
Jail BreakScrapbook Development Limited171.00YesYesNo
Jump GirlZhang Bo111.00YesYesNo
KI Scientific ToolboxKlieo Interactive151.00YesNoN / A
Kick It! – FootballDavid Krunic91.00YesNoNo
King BeanTACS Games301.00YesYesNo
Kingdom Three MusketeersAquadia1251.00YesYesNo
Kingdom Three Musketeers Music LibraryAquadia1631.00YesYesN / A
K-POP ni koi shiteKouwasangyou Co Ltd881.00YesYesNo
Kung Fu FIGHT!Nostatic Software241.91YesYesYes
La Charte: Protect The WhaleNazeGames881.00YesNoNo
Lemmingsd3t Ltd1541.70YesYesNo
Life Of PixelSuper Icon721.02YesYesNo
Light BloggingSun Pengfei71.00YesYesN / A
Little Acorns (International)Chillingo341.00YesYesNo
Loot The LandPlayerthree Ltd851.02YesNoNo
Lucilla In The Darkmufti1975101.02YesNoNo
LuminisTim Collins41.00YesYesNo
Magic ArrowsHAMSTER Corporation221.03YesYesNo
Magic Planet Snack DeluxeWolfgame161.01YesYesNo
Mahjong MahjongRocking Pocket Games411.00YesYesNo
Man! Adhere 20sZhang Bo91.00YesYesNo
MapCache Offline MapsNostatic Software41.30YesYesN / A
Math RunningNebula Dreams271.00YesYesNo
Math TestPlunge Interactive SL471.00YesYesNo
MechHitHorngYeuan Digital Co Ltd391.00YesYesNo
MegaBlastSuper Icon531.01YesYesNo
Meltdown MoonTACS Games131.02YesYesNo
MerumSeaz Develop41.10YesYesN / A
Miko Gakkou Monogatari: Sanae EpisodeXinoro1191.00YesYesNo
Miko Gakkou: Second YearXinoro2051.03YesYesNo
Mine SweeperHeart Art131.03YesYesNo
Mononoke SlashdownF K Digital Pty Ltd1471.05YesYesNo
Monster HotelXMPT Games311.02YesYesNo
Mugogy JumpOne Simple Idea1721.00YesYesNo
Multi CounterRetas31.02YesYesN / A
Munchy Girl Mogumi’s Easy DietSony Computer Entertainment471.01YesYesN / A
Neck StrikeTeasoft511.00YesYesNo
nekomimimusuemega sekainohatemade sanmawoaneiikunoDADADASatoshi Hamano171.00YesYesNo
NekoRushAlex McGilvray91.11YesYesNo
News FeedZhang Bo51.00YesYesN / A
Night ClimbM3421.00YesYesNo
Night Riders 3D Arcade Racingbaka-neko.fr111.02YesYesNo
Ninja InsectTeasoft132.00YesYesNo
Notepad DXMitsuhiko Shimomura41.10YesYesN / A
NumblastSony Computer Entertainment541.01YesYesNo
NunnageddonDaniel Cake331.50YesYesNo
NyoqixZener Works91.01YesYesNo
Ocean Craft MultiplayerStephen Allen501.20YesYesNo
OMG Zombies!Laughing Jackal601.01YesYesNo
On CallEcto1561.02YesNoNo
One Image ViewerMMA Developers151.00YesYesN / A
Origami KamiValhalla Studio Productions331.00YesYesNo
Out Of MindTACS Games501.00YesYesNo
Panda PanicBrendan Carrell941.00YesYesNo
Paper BossCatGearGames591.00YesNoNo
Passing TimeSony Computer Entertainment451.00YesYesYes
Penguin PartyXMPT Games341.11YesYesNo
PicBoxStinky Badger Games171.12YesYesYes
Pinky Spots Leg MassageMobile Internet Technology Co Ltd752.01YesYesNo
Pixel ColorsPlunge Interactive SL571.00YesYesNo
Pocket DefenseRewriteWorks752.00YesYesNo
Pocket FarmRocking Pocket Games271.01YesYesNo
Pong BreakerWarren Gaspard901.00YesNoNo
Pop Bugs ZapHenchmen Interactive531.00YesYesNo
Popopo GardenAkira Ohashi71.00YesYesNo
Pushups TrainingZhang Bo91.00YesYesN / A
PuzziballHeavy Spectrum Ltd861.00YesYesNo
QchatSun Pengfei181.00YesYesN / A
QR Code AssistantZhang Bo61.00YesYesN / A
Quiet ChristmasNostatic Software71.60YesYesNo
Quiet, Please!Nostatic Software122.00YesYesNo
QuizQuizQuizFour Door Lemon301.01YesNoNo
Radiant FluxTACS Games111.81YesYesNo
RainaSeaz Develop41.00YesYesN / A
Raptor RPGStephen Allen1032.10YesYesNo
Re:marriageMt Seed551.10YesYesNo
RebelPomPom Software Ltd311.02YesYesNo
Reflect ItPull The Plug Studios LLC221.03YesYesNo
Reflection Speed GameToshinori Tamashihro51.00YesYesNo
Reversi MultiboardNebula Dreams211.01YesYesNo
Road SkillCraig Greenway1021.01YesYesNo
Rock Boshers DXTikipod651.03YesYesNo
Rocking RODYSony Computer Entertainment161.00YesYesNo
Rodem The WildPygmy Studio Co Ltd351.00YesYesNo
Role Playing TetrisWes C121.00YesNoNo
Roll In The Hole (International)Chillingo181.00YesYesNo
Rose O’Neill Kewpie’s Easy DietSony Computer Entertainment1191.00YesYesN / A
RunnerTim Collins41.00YesYesNo
RushCatHorngYeuan Digital Co Ltd161.00YesYesNo
RymdkapselMartin Jonasson673.01YesYesNo
Saicoro-puzzle*KURA:ssicEmily & Charlotte Lounge381.11YesYesYes
Sakura FlowLike A Falcon522.00YesYesNo
Samurai BeatdownBeatnik Games701.05YesNoNo
Scientific Electronic CalculatorPentiumEE31.01YesYesN / A
Sea RunTACS Games81.00YesYesNo
SeekerTim Collins61.00YesYesNo
Shiro-kuro hakkiri tsukeru kumaBooby Trap Ltd271.21YesYesNo
Shooting * FeaturedTeasoft1410.00YesYesNo
Shovel ShuffleChair Warming Facility41.02YesYesNo
Shuttle Quest 2000TACS Games191.00YesYesNo
Silver Zombiexixgames3041.00YesYesNo
Sit Up TrainingZhang Bo91.00YesYesN / A
Sixty Second Shooter DeluxeHappion Laboratories61.03YesYesNo
Slice NinjaWizardsoft Corporation271.00YesYesNo
Slow-mo DodgersE Shi Games1141.01YesYesNo
SnakeCarrot Creations152.22YesYesNo
Sola CalculatorZhang Bo51.00YesYesN / A
Sola CalendarZhang Bo61.00YesYesN / A
Sola ChatZhang Bo91.00YesYesN / A
Sola DiskZhang Bo151.01YesYesN / A
Sola GalleryZhang Bo71.00YesYesN / A
Sola NoteZhang Bo61.00YesYesN / A
Sola RadioZhang Bo71.01YesYesN / A
Sola TimerZhang Bo61.00YesYesN / A
Sola TranslateZhang Bo161.01YesYesN / A
Sola WeatherZhang Bo201.02YesYesN / A
Solbrain I – VillageLightning Game Studios1641.00YesYesNo
solbrain II – RuinsLightning Game Studios1411.00YesYesNo
Spinning SquaresLightning Game Studios561.00YesYesNo
Squirrel RunZhang Bo201.00YesYesNo
Steam LandsLightning Game Studios281.00YesYesNo
Still LifeTACS Games81.00YesNoNo
Storm Ship ShiroLindsay Cox1151.00YesNoNo
Subway RunAdam De Broeck81.00YesYesNo
Sudoku FunZhang Bo71.00YesYesNo
SukelookSeaz Develop41.01YesYesN / A
Super Brain Eat 3TACS Games101.50YesYesNo
Super Crate BoxVlambeer81.03YesYesNo
Super Skull Smash GO!TACS Games71.00YesYesNo
Super SudokuSun Pengfei91.00YesYesNo
Super Tank PokerTACS Games161.00YesYesNo
Switch GalaxyAtomicom381.03YesYesNo
Sword Of RapiervDog2141.02YesYesNo
Ten By EightAction Button Entertainment LLC451.20YesYesNo
The CubeSyntetic Dreams1381.00YesYesNo
The LabyrinthRocking Pocket Games101.00YesYesNo
The Packet QueenStudio F#411.00YesYesYes
The Sexy SeashoreNia251.02YesYesNo
The Zombies UnleashedGarrett Lenk151.02YesNoNo
Tiki Rush: Escape From Lava IslandMercury Active991.03YesYesYes
TobipenBooby Trap Ltd111.22YesYesNo
Tokyo Jungle MobileSony Computer Entertainment1721.00YesYesYes
TonanAsiaKyoMitsuhiko Shimomura201.00YesYesNo
Touch CommandoRodney Davis751.00YesYesNo
Touch Speed FighterToshinori Tamashihro11.00YesYesNo
Touch TreasureChair Warming Facility61.00YesYesNo
Tower&SootingGarageSoftCo Ltd141.10YesYesNo
Tractor TrailsOrigin8 Technologies Ltd461.01YesYesYes
TriCirSquareDavid Martinez281.00YesYesNo
Trolly BirdDavid Martinez61.02YesYesNo
Trolly FishDavid Martinez111.00YesYesNo
Trucks and SkullsAppy Entertainment1341.00YesYesNo
Tuffy the Corgi and the Tower of BonesAction Button Entertainment LLC131.00YesYesNo
Twist PilotCrash Lab331.05YesYesYes
UFO DadEdit Mode261.01YesNoNo
UnderlineAlbino Pixel Limited201.05YesYesYes
Unicorn SaviorStudio Iris441.00YesYesNo
Vacation VexationNostatic Software281.31YesYesNo
Vacc-Balls-ChinBooby Trap Ltd251.11YesYesNo
Virtual TerminalGTAWWEKID52.05YesNoN / A
VisualizeTim Collins121.00YesYesNo
VitaBounce!Havishamone Games321.10YesNoNo
Wipe!SYNC Inc181.02YesYesYes
Word BlockedQuirkat251.03YesYesNo
You Are The RefFour Door Lemon511.05YesNoNo
You Are The UmpireFour Door Lemon311.05YesYesNo
Yu-Nama: The PuzzleSony Computer Entertainment881.01YesYesNo
Zen AccumulatorHiive LLC311.01YesYesNo
ZooZooGo!Big Head Games Ltd321.04YesYesNo


  • The PlayStation Mobile Runtime Library required to play PSM titles on the Vita currently stands at version 2.00. This should automatically update when you attempt to play or download a new title but if not, you will need to update this through the System menu on your PS Vita. This was updated this week to reflect the introduction of Unity support for the PSM platform.
  • As of 9th July 2014 the first games developed using Unity were added to the PSN Store.
  • Despite Unity-developed games being released from 9th July 2014, non-Unity titles are still being released.
  • In the case of fishFishFISH this has actually been removed from sale from the PSN Store and as such the game will no longer be supported.
  • TriCirSquare is not written by the same David Martinez who developed Trolly Bird, Trolly Fish and Dr Wiggly. At present there are two PSM authors with the same name. Despite making a request to Sony Computer Entertainment, the author of TriCirSquare was unable to have his author credit changed to avoid confusion on the PSN Store.


Games/apps listed: 303

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