PlayStation Mobile Game Updates – 2nd April 2014

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As part of the weekly update to the PSN Store, a number of PlayStation Mobile games have received patches and updates. As with all PSM titles at presetnt, there is no automatic notification or update system for the platform so the only way you can find out about new versions of games and apps is from developer websites or by downloading titles for yourselves (although we are working on an idea here to fix this!) but this week, the following games and apps have received an update:-

Snake – Carrot Creations

A couple of additions in update 2.15. More levels have been added to the game, bug fixes to the leaderboards and the game now features a Dutch language option.

Sola Disk – Zhang Bo

We haven’t been able to check the details for this update.

Sola Radio – Zhang Bo

Updated to version 1.01, at presented we haven’t compared this to version 1.00 but we assume by the revision number that it is only minor bug fixes.

Sola Weather – Zhang Bo

Despite the app having numerous flaws, these have not been corrected for the release of version 1.02. Instead, the changes are purely cosmetic, the main one allowing the use of additional pre-loaded background images or user-created ones from the Vita’s photo gallery.

Trolly Bird – David Martinez

The final update for this week, release 1.01 of Trolly Bird adds leaderboard support, has adjusted the difficulty level of the game slightly and made a couple of other minor adjustments as we reported last week.

To update any or all of these titles, simply go to the PlayStation Mobile part of the PSN Store and re-download the game or app to your PS Vita or PlayStation Certified device. Once installed, the new version will be on your system, and all of your existing save data will remain intact.

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    • No, it’s a problem but one that hopefully we’ll be rectifying with regular weekly updates. The only way you know right now is when you visit the PSN Store each week and older games are displayed amongst the week’s new releases but even then it’s vague.

      I’m working on a guide right now to every PSM game along with their version numbers that people will be able to refer to so they’ll know if they have the current versions of everything. I should have it completed in the next couple of weeks (once I’ve completed the PSM collection and updated all my files myself!).

      • Awesome, I look forward to it and I will be sure to share it on Google+/Twitter…

        In the meantime, you couldn’t tell me what version of Tokyo Jungle Mobile you’re up to?

        • Tokyo Jungle Mobile is still at version 1.00 as of this afternoon and unless any major bugs are discovered I would doubt that it will be updated any time soon. I’ve found that games are either updated regularly or released and then forgotten about!

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