PlayStation Mobile Expands Into New Territories This May

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Showing their continued support for PlayStation Mobile, Sony announced today in Japan that more territories are being added to PSM in the coming months both in terms of support for developers and – more importantly – for gamers who will be able to access the vast range of titles for the first time.

Starting on 29th May 2014 and additional 12 countries will be added to the list of regions where developer support is currently offered bringing the total to 32 tapping into new talent and potentially a vast range of new content for the ever-expanding format. These new developmental territories are Australia, Brazil, Columbia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Peru, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, and Thailand.

From as retail side of things, four new countries are being added bringing the total available who can purchase PSM games from the PSN Store to 22. The new territories are Austria, India, Poland and Switzerland, all available from 25th June 2014.

In addition to this, a public preview version of the development tool Unity is now available for PSM developers prior to its full launch in the Summer enabling potential developers to not only port games to the format quicker and more easily but bringing a new more powerful range of tools at their disposal. From early demonstration footage we have seen, early results have looked very impressive and this could be just what is needed to encourage those gamers who are still sitting on the fence over PlayStation Mobile to give games a try.

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