PlayStation Handhelds And The Different Kinds Of Casino Gambling


Casino gambling has been part of our lives for a long time. First, there were physical casinos. Now, online casinos are bigger than ever. But for those of you who want to just play for fun, there are also great alternatives out there for those of you not wanting to stray too far from the PlayStation Vita or PSP.

The “Third Alternative”

Gambling is a wide term nowadays. For a long time, you were only able to gamble in physical casinos. The evolution of the industry made it possible to gamble from home thanks to online casinos. Online gambling is not entirely trouble-free, however. Today there are many new websites with casino, and it might take some time to find the one that suits you.

The good thing for the ones who want to gamble from home is there’s a third alternative. Today you can gamble virtually and completely risk-free from your PlayStation Vita or PSP. It doesn’t matter if you prefer poker, blackjack, or slot machines – you can play with whichever of Sony’s handhelds you prefer.

The Full Casino Experience

One of the games that give you the most realistic casino experience is Hard Rock Casino. With the game being released in 2007 it’s still considered one of the best in the business. Launching this game is like stepping into a real-life casino. The game lets you play almost every game that can be found at a regular casino. You can take a seat at the poker table, move on to play some roulette before ending up in front of a slot machine or playing a party of baccarat.

The Poker Experience

For PSP there’s also lots of games focusing only on poker. While Hard Rock Casino includes poker, these games give you a deeper experience of one of the most intense games that can be played in a casino. One of the most popular poker games that can be found for PSP is World Series of Poker. Released in 2008, you can play virtual poker tournaments trying to defeat the best and most well known opponents in the world.

PlayStation Vita

The Vita struggles compared to the PSP to be honest. The most diverse of all the games available to-date is Vegas Party. In the main game mode – The Strip – you control your own character in a Vegas-themed board game as you make your way down an environment inspired by Las Vegas. Vegas Party can be compared with Hard Rock Casino as it offers close to every casino game you can imagine.

A Relaxed Kind Of Gambling

In the casino games available for PS Vita and PSP, you don’t gamble with your own real-life money, using virtual money instead. This may be a nice break from the “real” casino experience for those who play in real life. Gambling with virtual money can be relaxing, the stakes aren’t as high as when you gamble with your own. Although, this doesn’t make the gambling boring. There’s still an element of competition: you still want to beat your opponents and become the champion.

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