‘OlliOlli’ Sequel announced


Developers Roll7 have announced that there will be a sequel to the 2d skateboarding game ‘OlliOlli’.

‘OlliOlli 2’ is set to be released on PS4 and Vita in 2015.

The original title was a bit of a hit on Vita, being well suited to that particular handheld format.  The new title will expand on the first, including manuals and reverts to give a chance for longer combos.

The new game has been given a visual overhaul but retains the 2d look and feel of the prior title.

The game will also release on PS4, and will be one of the first titles to utilise the new ‘SharePlay’ feature, enabling players to hand over to friends playing on other remote PS4 systems whether or not they own a copy of the game.

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