‘Moon Hunters’ Coming to Vita in 2015

‘Moon Hunters’, an action RPG, will be coming to the Vita in 2015 following a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Each playthrough will take up to 2 hours, according to Kitfox, with a number of playthroughs required to see everything the game has to offer.

Each time you play, the legends of your tribe are updated with your deeds, and you will be remembered in the constellations in the sky of the game world.

Players can choose to play as a witch (basic melee attack and a high-damage ranged attack), Spellblade (melee fighter, high endurance), Occultist (long range fighter), Druid (flexible fighting stats, sometimes changing to meet the needs of the encounter) and Songweaver (meant as a support class for multiplayer).

It is worth noting that the Vita version of the game currently says it is ‘Single Player Only’ and it is unknown whether ad-hoc multiplayer will be included, although the developers do state that it is their aim.

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