Limited Run Games Upcoming PS Vita Releases

Things are hotting up for the PS Vita with plenty of new titles confirmed for physical release from Limited Run Games in the next couple of months but for collectors it’s set to be an expensive time as their release schedule hots up to two games a month!

The first release is Octodad: Dadliest Catch and is hitting the PS Vita (and PS4) on 19th June 2016 which just happens to be Father’s Day! As with their previous releases, it will be sold in two batches to give fans the best chance possible to get a copy no matter where you live in the world and the Vita version is being limited to 3,500 copies. Controversially, Limited Run are allowing the purchase of two copies per customer this time.

Following that, on 4th July 2016, will be the release of indie shoot-em-up Xeodrifter. Again released in two batches, this will be limited to 2,300 copies but this will return to their normal purchase restrictions of one per customer.

Still with July, and on 18th we will see the first physical release of the stunning side-scrolling arcade shooter Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype. This one is limited to a production run of 3,200 copies and again is restricted to a single copy per customer.

No dates have been announced yet for future releases including Rainbow Moon, Volume, or YIIK: A Post Modern RPG.

All of Limited Run Games releases are region free but one thing we would say to anyone planning on buying them is that their releases appear to be based on the US digital versions of the games. While this may not seem important, what this does mean for gamers in the EU is that your existing save game data will not be compatible, even if you transfer it to your PlayStation Plus storage prior to using the physical games. While this isn’t particularly worrying for games like Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype, we’re not sure how this will impact on RPGs like Rainbow Moon or the user created content on Volume.

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