Kickstarter Campaign Aiming To Bring New Indie Title Poncho To PS Vita

Poncho PS Vita

Delve Interactive are an indie studio that are running a kickstarter for their debut game “Poncho” – a pixel art puzzle platformer like nothing seen before initially for on PC, MAC, Linux and Ouya but with a stretch goal confirmed for the PS Vita and PS4.

You are dropped into the middle of an open world with randomly generated eco-systems and creatures, having been told that your maker is somewhere out there. As a little robot lost in a post-apocalyptic world, you have to solve puzzles by shifting into the foregrounds and backgrounds of parallax layers in order to complete your journey. It’s a mechanic that hasn’t been explored like this before in games. There are no limits on the Z plane and it is totally new.

There is no hand holding in Poncho, from the start the player chooses where to go and can take many different paths to the conclusion, where there are multiple endings. It’s a peaceful, slow paced game about exploring, about making you feel like a kid again when you first started playing games.

Explore a lush and beautiful pixel art world with stunning detail and advanced 2D lighting effects. This isn’t a post apocalyptic world where everything is dead and barren, this is a world filled with life. This is Poncho, and the developers are currently running a kickstarter that ends on the 1st of October, at midnight. The game will also be showing at EGX in London this year, meaning that their kickstarter will end just after the event. The developers Danny Hayes and Jack Odell have both quit their jobs to form Delve Interactive and are risking everything to make the game they love, which has been two years in the making. Danny left his dream job at Capcom to make this happen and has no regrets.

You can find the Kickstarter (which ends on 2nd October 2014) at

Poncho is a beautiful Pixel art game with huge amounts of depth and detail not seen before in a 2D game. With interesting mechanics and a dark story in an open world with multiple paths, Poncho is an experience to remember.

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