Kickstarter Aims To Bring 40 Zombies To PS Vita


Developer Pixel Dilemma has launched a new Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming survival horror game 40 Zombies which is a grindhouse style retro game inspired by 70s films and 80s games.

In 40 Zombies you play as “Bad Ass Jimmy The Slob”, an everyman who’s block has been taken over by zombies. Just as soon as Jimmy is out of beer and the football game is over he jumps out of his recliner, grabs his shotgun, and hits the streets to  save the chicks from the zombie horde. The game features fast-paced strategic gameplay. It’s a pure survival horror adventure where nothing respawns, so you’re very limited on your resources.

Hoping to release a series of grindhouse games paying homage to an era of films where the music didn’t fit, the chicks were in abundance, and blood was  splattering on every frame, 40 Zombies is the first title from Pixel Dilemma, but they need this Kickstarter to make this happen.

The campaign has a relatively low target of just $1,800 to complete development and acquire the remaining hardware and licences needed. While a PS Vita version isn’t in development right now, a version is planned which is why support is needed.

You can find the campaign at

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