Japan’s Minecraft Vita Bundle Was Gorgeous

Ah, Japan. The land of the rising sun. And amazing video game stuff we never get in the West. And this doesn’t only apply to Mother/Earthbound 3. The Playstation Vita had tons of Japan-exclusive stuff. And today, we’re looking at one such artifact: the Minecraft Vita bundle.

What Is This Minecraft You Speak Of?

If you happen to live under a rock (and why wouldn’t you, with everything that’s going on), Minecraft is the best-selling video game of all time. It’s a game about mining blocks and crafting stuff with their contents. People build all kinds of things in this game: from simple structures to huge houses to advance computers. Now, the houses can’t be mortgaged, and the computers can’t run GTA V. But what’s been accomplished within Minecraft boggles the mind. And with that out of the way, let’s get into the Minecraft Vita bundle.

What Was Included

The contents of the package were rather juicy:

  • A white Playstation Vita 2000 with custom Minecraft graphics on the back,
  • A Minecraft carrying case,
  • A Physical copy of Minecraft – Playstation Vita Edition, and
  • A custom box for the whole set.

So, let’s analyze this bundle bit by bit, shall we? Starting with the Vita itself. And it was a thing of beauty:

Just look at those graphics! I mean, I’m not a Minecraft Vita fan by any means, but even I would have been tempted to buy that. The back touch panel of the Vita is notorious for being a scratch magnet, but the white version minimises this problem. The front of the device remained unchanged.

The carrying case is also a white, single-sided affair with custom graphics. What I like about the case is that it specifies this is a Playstation Vita Edition thing. We don’t get many artefacts that specifically mention a relationship to the Vita, so this makes me quite happy. And it looks really good!

Finally, there’s the game and the box. One thing I really like is that they’ve decided to include a physical copy of the game. This is in contrast to other bundles Sony offered with the Vita. For example, my own OLED model was a bundle, too: it came with a copy of The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. But it was a digital download code. The custom box was really just a regular Vita box with a The Walking Dead sleeve on it. Cool, for sure, but nowhere near as great as having a physical copy of the game.

Same goes for the sleeve. It still looks cool and it’s a differentiator when compared to other Vita editions. But the truth is, it’s basically the least they could have done, other than slapping a sticker on the original box.

This bundle currently sells for anywhere between $270 (used, but complete) to over $580 (new, unopened) on internet bidding sites, so it’s not a cheap entryway into Vita ownership. But if you’re a Minecraft Vita fan or a fan of the game in general, or even just a Vita collector, this one is certainly deserving of a spot on your shelf (or your pocket).

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