It has finally happened: physical carts for Vita finally no longer being made


If you’re a resident of #VitaIsland, you are aware that most people have been signing the death knell for the Playstation Vita for years. However, thanks to dedicated developers and publishers, we’ve been having a steady stream of releases for most months. Actually, it’s been looking great: 2-3 releases a month! And a lot of physical releases, too, thanks mostly to the fellows at Eastasiasoft and Play-Asia.

Sadly, there’s been a rumor going around that COVID-19 has finally put the final nail in the coffin. I’ve seen developers and publishers talking about it in the hush-hush, but now there’s open talk that early 2021 will mark the end of physical Vita productions.

Friend of the site 2 old 4 gaming made a video about it, and other bad news:

Aside from the end of physical production for Vita carts, he talks about devs no longer being able to put their games on discount during Playstation sales, hurting their bottom lines tremendously. Not only that, but (understandably, I must say) Sony are reducing the number of staff doing QA, and therefore approval, of new game sumissions.


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