Is the PS Vita Worth Exploring in 2021?

Having first been released in Japan in December of 2011, the PS Vita is approaching a decade old and is being revisited by many as nostalgic hopes for older consoles start to come through. It has been a struggle in the handheld market for a while as mobile continues to grow and be the future of gaming particularly with newer genres appealing to a growing audience like these eu casinos that have become amongst the most used amongst many others with growing attentions towards mobile e-sports and the likes too – does this open the opportunity for older devices like the PS Vita to still hold up today?

Surprising tech and performance – In the age of 4K resolution and retina displays, the OLED screen from the original PS Vita may seem dated to some but with other handhelds like the Switch only just releasing it’s own OLED model the Vita display certainly still holds up today and means some games look fantastic. The speed hasn’t slowed either as performance for the browsing experience and loading of games is just as fast as it was when brand new – it means the gaming experience hasn’t deteriorated either, but still holds up to modern devices.

PS Store and online connectivity – As expected, whilst online connectivity still exists, a smaller audience means much fewer opportunity to play online, and whilst the PS Store is still active for users, it isn’t as good as it once was. Lots of display errors rear their head and updates are slow to come – downloading games is also slower as speeds are throttled, and with no discounts on older games and the increasing cost of physical games, it isn’t the most cost-effective solution, particularly as newer titles aren’t released, and full price is being paid for older ones digitally. And as for physical releases many are now growing beyond their original retail prices as they are becoming much sought-after among collectors.

Games still hold up though – Whilst there may be an issue with the cost of some games still being full priced for an older console and availability being a bit of an issue, games still certainly hold up today. They may look a little dated compared to newer handheld titles from the likes of the Switch, but plenty of games feel great and if it’s a sense of nostalgia that players are looking for, playing some of the big classics like Final Fantasy X or older Persona games perform just as great as they ever did.

There are lots of reasons to revisit devices like the Vita, and whilst emulation has come a long way and means that games can be played with more convenience, nothing quite matches up to the experience of playing on the actual handheld device, and provides something unique and exciting.

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