Investing in Bitcoin for gamers – Part 2 (earn by playing games)

Welcome to the second part of my Investing in Bitcoin series, where we take a look at cryptocurrency as a source of side-income. Well, cryptocurrency trading is emerging as the new trend of the century. This volatile virtual currency has made many people millionaires. However, crypto-trading is not a calk walk and you need to have thorough information on market trends and algorithms if you want to succeed and earn a huge profit. Not everyone wants to invest time and money into knowing how to trade.

But, now there is a more exciting and fun way to earn cryptocurrency and you do not even require to keep a watch on the market trends. You can play all the way to earn Cryptocurrency.

Isn’t that awesome? 

Well, calm down! This is no joke and very true. Gaming and Cryptocurrency is a match made in heaven and this is actually a very fun way to earn cryptocurrency (much more fun than paying with dollars). Well, there has always been the issue of transaction, security and trading items ever since the online games came into existence. Cryptocurrency is a perfect solution for all these problems, giving the players a stress-free and smooth gaming experience, while respecting privacy and security thanks to Blockchain and DeFi (decentralized finance).

Below, you’ll find a list of games that allow you to earn cryptocurrencies by playing them.


Cryptokitties as the name already suggests is a blockchain game. There cannot be a more fun way of earning. 

According to Crypto Comeback Pro, Cryptokitties is an online game that was released in 2017. The game is very simple indeed. All you have to do is to collect and breed unique looking cats. Each cat has it’s crypto-value and it can be traded on Ethereum Blockchain for real money. Isn’t it amazing? Ethereum is a pretty well-known crypto-currency, sometimes out-performing even Bitcoin in gains. You are going to find cute looking, unique cats as you step ahead into the game. The kitties are a crypto asset for earning some huge bucks. People are also earning with automatic trading websites like Bitcoin Profit. Check the Bitcoin profit review

The developers of this game continued creating one unique cat every 15 minutes till 2018. For now, you can get a new cat only through breeding. You will be shocked to know that the kitty of this online game holds a lot of value. Just after a couple of months of the release of this game, the first kitty was sold for $100,000, which is a huge amount indeed.

Beyond the Void

Beyond the void, the game is the power of a full-on crypto-powered game economy. The best part is that the game is based on a crypto-token called Nexium. In this game, whatever items you purchase is registered in the Blockchain, which means that you own those items. To get started with this game, all you need is an Ethereum wallet. The game asset and currency can be easily traded on Blockchain. You can earn a lot through this game.

Spells of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is a game of cards and let me tell you that having these cards does have a lot of value. Storing these cards in Blockchain will give you true ownership of them and they can be used in different ways to win battles in the game. These cards can be used for things like health, speed, spells, and rarity among others.

Tone of the main appeals of this game is transparency. You will be amazed to know that one of the most valuable cards is kept in the Blockchain itself, meaning that being transparent is a priority. Each of the players can see these blockchain cards. However, no one knows who owns them. This is the best part of Blockchain technology-based games. Apart from earning a huge amount of money, they are transparent.

Blankos Block Party

This is a game where you see a set of mischievous toys that stay in their own unique space looking like world, focusing mainly on good vibes and good times. The game runs on the EOS blockchain and enables the individual players to get rid of the hassle of having individual wallets for each currency.

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