Indie RPG ‘Y2K’ coming to Vita

New RPG ‘Y2K, a 3D, turn-based, Japanese-style RPG has been announced for the PS Vita as well as PS4.

Andrew Allanson, from AckkStudios, announced the RPG on the Playstation blog.

The premise relates to the story of Alex Egglestone, an unemployed college graduate in the 1990s, who takes to a message board to find answers relating to the death of a young woman due to an erratically behaving elevator, and his quest for answers leads to him to a mysterious van dubbed the ‘Death Cab’. On his journey, he reunites with childhood friends, encounters a girl who can traverse the Soul Space to reside in new realities, and a multidimensional android who sets the events of the game in motion.

The game was influenced by the ‘Mother series’ of JRPGs, and Haruki Murakami. The game is very story-heavy with a 400 page script and full voice-acting.

Uniquely for the game, grinding is rendered difficult by the fact that once an enemy has been destroyed on the map, they are gone forever. In order to max-out their characters, players must jump inside a pay phone in the game and dial #333 to take them inside the “Mind Dungeon”, a place that exists entirely for grinding. Access to the mind dungeon is given through keys obtained by defeating enemies and talking to NPCs.

Combat in the game is turn-based, but the player can control the speed of the battle at the risk of not being able to dodge moves and execute combo attacks. Attacks can take the form of magic/skill and melee attacks, but in addition traps can be set. The developer posits this example

Upon getting hit with fire magic, swap position of party member with a stuffed Panda. So using this strategy against a fire monster MUCH stronger than you might be necessary if you are under-leveled.

Y2K is scheduled for release in late 2015, or early 2016.

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