How to Play Live Dealer Games on Your Mobile

For most people, the concept of handheld gaming began on mobiles, back in the days of old Nokias when we all used to play Snake. Then you have the others (who are these people?!) who argue that it was the time of the original Gameboy when handheld gaming really came into fruition. Those old enough to remember them would argue further that portable gaming owes a lot to Nintendo’s Game and Watch series and the plethora of battery operated handheld games released by the likes of Grandstand. But let’s be honest. When we talk about playing games on a handheld device, it’s got to be on one that has graphics far better than 8-bit, games that can take you straight to the sports field or an action-adventure.

So, of course, it’s got to be the PS Vita!

Handheld gaming done right

Other devices that came out were good. But it wasn’t until the Vita that they became great. You were essentially getting a PlayStation 3 right in the palm of your hand, with just the right type of joypad/controller as well.

It much improved on the PSP, giving you enhanced graphics, better games, and even the opportunity to stream or download movies or TV series. The FIFA Football game was a fantastic handheld version of the popular FIFA games, with a career mode or quick matches. Then we had Assassins Creed III: Liberation, which not only gave you the first female hero in the series; but showed what type of games were possible on this little device.

It goes without saying that PS Vita players are no stranger to playing on mobile devices. You’re used to gauging how long you can play with the battery life you have left; you’ve experienced all the different types of games available, and you just get mobile gaming. So obviously, when it comes to playing live dealer games on mobile devices, you can guess who the experts would be.

Live games right in your hands

If you’ve been playing games on your PS Vita, you’ve probably already made the leap to playing on your mobile device as well now. But you might not have found the right game, the game that gives you the thrill and buzz that a proper Vita game would. The best way to get that is to try online gaming. This has been a weakness of the Vita, not helped in recent years with the servers for many of its better online games being shut down. The few that are left are just clinging on now so you’re left – for the most part – with solo gaming as your only option.

But when it comes to playing on a mobile device we’re not just talking about playing slots and classic casino games for online games (although they are ace); we’re talking about live dealer games. So, what’s the perk of playing with live dealers? Here are just some of the reasons why it’s so good and how you can do it.

It’s done in real-time – this is a theme that has become prevalent in all types of gaming over recent years. Multiplayer battleground requires players to all come together and play at the same time. Likewise, FIFA still heavily relies on players competing against each other online. When you’re playing some of the best casino games at live dealer tables, it’s all in real-time. So you can make bets, see your cards dealt and enjoy the buzz of casino gaming as it happens. The best thing is that you won’t be playing against any moody kids either!

It’s lifelike, too – when you find a good place to play, you’ll notice that when you play with real dealers, it feels authentic because it is. These games are broadcast live from studios or actual casinos, straight to your mobile phone. The dealer will talk to you and other players at the table, making you feel like you’re in a real brick-and-mortar casino.

Playing is easy – you might think that it could be complicated to play a game like blackjack or roulette on your phone, even more so when it’s a live dealer game. Nope, it really is simple. Each game will be clearly laid out (and you can always look up the instructions from the in-game menu); with just a few taps of the screen, you’ll be able to get a game started. And before you know it, you’ll be a pro, too.

Lots of places to play – there are lots of different online casinos to play at, which means you’ll always have more choice. But not only that, there are lots of different versions of live dealer games. You can check out what different gaming developers offer – you won’t be disappointed by the selection.

Making the leap

We all know about how vast the PS Vita’s games library is with well over a thousand games on the PlayStation Store alone to choose from just in the EU, not counting the Japanese exclusive games. From God Wars to a variety of sports games, they’re still fun to pick up and play, so the move over to mobile gaming is a breeze. Vita gamers out there will thrive at mobile gaming and will be sure to love playing live dealer games.

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