How To Get Hidden Games For Your PS Vita That Are Not On The PlayStation Store

While there may be a great selection of games available for gamers to download from the PlayStation Store for the Vita, it may seem at times as if we are being short-changed by Sony with a much larger collection being offered for the PS3 and even the PSP. There are PS1 titles and even Minis available for downloading that you can buy that are great games that are simply not available if you own a PS Vita… or are they?

It’s safe to say that most gamers who own a Vita also own a PS3 and have purchased games from the store for it. With such a wide choice on offer with games starting at under £1, it’s no surprise that we all want to snap up plenty of bargains to expand our games collection but many of these haven’t made their way onto the store for the Vita. One thing Sony realised from day one with the store was that their customers were likely to a) own more than one Sony console and b) were potentially going to need to re-download games at one point or another due to hardware failures or upgrades so they gave all of us the opportunity to re-install games a maximum of five times, and download anything we purchase on up to two portable systems as well. And this is where things look good for Vita owners…

Even if games aren’t currently displayed in the PSN Store, if you have already purchased it for your PS3 it will be visible in your Download List on your Vita so as long as you have the legal right to download that game to your Vita, the PlayStation Network will still allow you to download and install it. Quite simply, this will mean that you will be able to add a considerable number of additional games to your Vita line-up (albeit primarily PS1 and Minis) that you would not have otherwise been able to. Even games that are no longer available to purchase in the PSN Store for the PS3 will still be available for you for your Vita as long as you haven’t used up your download limit for that particular title.

It’s a perfectly legitimate way to expand your Vita collection and while the majority of games will be available through the store, it’s worth checking to see what downloads you have that aren’t available and transfer them over quickly. Over the last few years we have seen that titles do get removed from the PlayStation Store so you might want to start looking at what you have while you can still download them!

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