How To Create Competitive Games

Online gaming has taken the world by storm over the past few years, with things like online bingo in the UK and mobile app gaming in Asia becoming extremely popular. However, while these games may be quite different, they do have one thing in common and that’s their sense of competition. You might think that making a game competitive online is hard to do, but in reality, it’s quite simple. So, if you want to know how to create competitive games, keep reading and find out just how easy it can be.

Don’t Make It Easy

Speaking of easy, you don’t want to make the game too easy for the players. If the players don’t face any sort of challenge, then they’ll find it hard to feel any sort of accomplishment when they do finally win. You want to challenge the players enough that they lose a couple of times before getting the hang of it. They’ll also be able to boast to their friends when they finally make it through as well. Making things too easy completely takes the fun out of the game, and it becomes impossible for it to be competitive in the slightest. So, make sure you give the players a chance to better their skills and don’t let them beat the final boss in just one go!

Show A Leader Board

Leader boards are a great way to show who’s doing the best in the game, and it can be a brilliant way to add some competitiveness to the gameplay. A leader board can really help to make a game competitive, no matter how simple it may be. When you have a leader board, everyone wants to get their name up there, so make sure that it’s visible to players during stages of the game. You could have it on the menu when they first join so they can get an idea of what it’s like. You can also have it after they complete the game or when they score points at the end of each section so they can see how they’re stacking up. Knowing that they’re close to taking the number one spot or even being able to see their name moving up the board can really make the game way more competitive than it was before. So, don’t be afraid to add in a leader board, and you’ll soon see the competition heating up.

Allow Head To Heads

Not all games are suitable for multiplayer, but you should try to allow some form of online play that allows them to go head to head with other players. By giving them the opportunity to battle another player, you’re automatically upping the stakes and adding a sense of competition. All players will want to beat who they’re against, so you’re instantly making it a lot more competitive. You’ll find that people will play the games for much longer too when they can enjoy multiple battles against other players, as they’ll both be determined to be the winners. This means that they’re most likely going to play more rounds than they would have on their own, as they each want to show that they’ve got what it takes to be the best at the game. So, try adding a feature that allows an actual battle between the players, and you’ll definitely notice how competitive they get.

Offer Different Levels Of Prizes

When it comes to winning a game, prizes need to be worth the player’s effort. Having one grand prize will make the stakes super high, as everyone will be trying to win that coveted number one spot. However, if you want to add competitiveness and boost morale, try adding different levels of prizes. This means offering something for first, second, and third place so that you can ensure more people get a chance of winning something. You’ll find that people are more inclined to play if there’s more chance that they can win something, as opposed to it only going to one person. Even something as simple as winning in-game currency or offering them an extra life so they can have another go, can really up the ante and make the game all the more competitive.

Making games competitive is extremely important as it’s what makes games worth playing. Without any sort of feeling that you want to be the best or you want to beat someone else at it, you’ll find that players soon get bored of the game and find an alternative. You want your game to be one that players get excited about and want to play for a long time to come. So, to ensure this, try following these tips above and you’ll soon have a competitive game in no time!

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