Homebrew Game Featurette – Joined at the Ship

A couple of months ago, we reached out to the r/VitaPiracy subreddit asking homebrew developers to get in touch so we could feature their work. The first piece to come out of that was the interview with KyûHEN Development Contest’s founder Cimmerian Iter. You can read that interview here. Today, we have a small featurette for a Vita homebrew game called Joined at the Ship. Won’t you join us?

What is Joined at the Ship?

Joined at the Ship is a game created by Conor McKenna for the GMTK Game Jam 2021. Here’s the description: “Join a range of different weapons to your ship, and use your momentum to swing them into the enemies on the screen!”

A Vita-captured screenshot of Joined at the Ship.

The game is available in three flavours: the Windows downloadable, which is the most feature-complete and can be downloaded for free from itch.io. Then, there’s the browser version, also available to play for free on itch.io. This version is a bit more feature-limited.

Finally, there’s a Vita version, available both on itch.io and on the Homebrew browser of choice (we have a feature on Vita homebrew browsers here). This version has the least amount of feature, but Conor said both to me and on the itch.io page for the game that if there’s enough interest, he will port the full set of features to the Vita.

Should You Get It?

Definitely! Even the “basic” Vita version is a lot of fun, and the browser version gives you a good idea of where it can go from there. I think having the full version on the Vita would be super fun. We would definitely review and feature the game as much as possible, so Conor, if you’re reading… wink wink 😉

If you’d like Conor to port the full version to the Vita, drop them a comment on the itch.io page or on their personal Twitter account.

Are You a Homebrew Developer?

Please, get in touch! Reach out to my personal Twitter account and tell me what you’re working on, so that we can feature it here!


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