Hands On PS Vita Titles at EGX Rezzed

EGX Rezzed

As part of my visit to EGX Rezzed I had the chance to try out some titles for the Vita running on series 1000 machine on the Sony stands.

Gunslugs is an 8-bit styled retro platformer. A fast and furious shooter that’s an awful lot of fun to play involving various gun powerups, grenades, with coin and medpack pick ups among others.  I quite enjoyed it so for the £1.99 it’s on the PlayStation Store at the moment it was a bit of a no brainer to pick it up tonight.

I skipped Fez, Luftrausers and TxK which were all on display as I have two of them and the demo of the other – and frankly all three are worth a look – see Simon’s review of TxK at https://www.vitaplayer.co.uk/game-review-txk-ps-vita/ and you’ll be seeing a review of Luftrausers in the near future from myself. It’s worth downloading the trial of Fez which is a rather bizarre little platformer where the perspective of the screen changes around using the shoulder buttons.

Mousecraft is a logic puzzler that feels like a slower paced Lemmings, with only 3 mice in the levels I played. The three mic need to go from the start point to a plate of cheese but rather than give the mice abilities as in Lemmings and it’s clones, you have rather Tetromino looking blocks to place on the level to enable the mice to make their journey, which gets more complicated with items to pick up on the way.  Certainly worth a look when it’s released in May.

The final game I managed to get a play of at the event was Murasaki Baby which has a very familiarly weird Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas kind of style to it. The game centres on Baby, a very young macabre child with her mouth at the top of her head, and your job is to guide her through a nightmarish world of childish desires and fears using a combination of the touch screen and rear touch panel. Baby is holding a purple heart shaped balloon in her hand, and you guide her by touching her other hand with your finger and gesturing her along, with the six axis controls coming into effect in some cases. Look after that balloon though as it is her heart – if she gets scared and lets go you have to touch and drag the balloon back to her as cries and can’t move until that is done. If that balloon get’s burst, Baby is dead. Your task is to just get her to her mum. As you may expect from the control method the game is exclusive to PS Vita, and the small section I played suggests it could easily be a must have on the platform.

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