GTA Online – The Diamond Casino & Resort Update Review

Even though we haven’t had a native release for the platform in the GTA series, it hasn’t stopped the franchise from being a popular choice for Vita owners. The three legacy titles for the PSP have always been popular choices to play through the Vita’s near-perfect emulation. And with plenty of offers available on the PlayStation Store, they’re usually available at an affordable price for anyone wanting to take the plunge. But for most fans of the GTA series, the only real option to experience the games on the Vita has been through Remote Play.

And that’s what has happens for most when it comes to GTA V, and it’s most well known expansion released to-date… Back in July 2019, GTA Online threw open the doors to their long awaited casino. After a what seemed like forever six year wait, players could finally try their hand at turning hard-earned GTA$ into big in game prizes. Here’s the lowdown on what is going on beneath the bright lights.

The Diamond Casino & Resort promised players a real casino experience. “Premium grade, utterly unique luxury, and a wonderful place to relax”, said the trailer. You’ll be happy to know that is exactly what awaits on the other side of the doors. As you can expect from Rockstar, they’ve pulled no punches and visually, the whole place looks awesome. The gameplay itself is sleek and smooth, whilst the graphics give the place a feel of realism.

We all know we’re playing a game, but Rockstar really capture the electric essence of a live casino. Naturally, this lends well to enjoying The Casino & Resort as an entire entity, not just another add-on to spend five minutes meandering. So, what’s actually going on behind those doors we all felt shut for eternity? Rockstar have approached the creation of The Diamond Casino & Resort from two angles.

Classic casino games

First of all, gambling opportunities are aplenty. You’ll find all the classic table games available at your disposal, and now the “Opening Soon” sign has been torn down, Vinewood’s premier resort is ready for business.

The setup and play style is very much like what you’d expect from an established online live casino. You’ll be able actually see a dealer reveal your cards for you, have time to make a judgement, and then you can bet against them. This really helps to bring the feeling of playing at a genuine card table to life.

Slot games, blackjack, poker, and roulette are all laid out in a classic fashion too, giving you that authentic casino feel, alongside all-important smooth gameplay. In fact, the popular Fortune & Glory slot title has very close resemblance to Paddy Power’s Egyptian-themed slots games, namely Treasures of the Pyramids and Pyramid Gold. You can tell the development team didn’t scrimp on their research here.

We’re big fans of how Rockstar have decided to keep things looking sleek, sharp, and authentic. It really does boost the user experience. Because, as we said, things actually look and feel like you’re playing at a proper casino with real cash. Naturally, this goes a long way in providing realistic gameplay.

Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with playing table games and slots online. Even brand new players can pick up the rules in no time. We’d recommend starting with the slots, and then working around to the Poker table.

Sound enticing?  Playing at The Diamond Casino & Resort isn’t as far behind as the casinos from Fallout: New Vegas in terms of fun. If you’ve never stepped foot into their sooty halls, you’re missing out.

Just like you can bag game-changing prizes like weapons and body armour in post-apocalyptic world of Fallout: New Vegas, the prizes at The Diamond Casino & Resort can seriously enhance the GTA Online experience. GTA$ are there for the taking, and if you win big, you could walk out with a brand-new super car for your garage. After all, the casino does promise premium grade and utterly unique luxury.

Whole host of new missions

Then, the second angle Rockstar have applied is your usual GTA style missions. There is an entire series of new missions to attend to, including an exciting casino heist. For the most part, you’ll be playing a part in protecting The Diamond Casino & Resort against a gang of rogue investors. But the whole heist scenario is big enough to offer a real immersive adventure.-

At first, we were concerned these side missions might just be thin, throwaway add-on tasks to make the expansion seem vast and add weight. But, after getting involved, you’ll find there’s an entire new underworld to discover. So, even if you’re not a gambler, there are still plenty of entertainment to be found.

VIP treatment

Now, upon release, Rockstar rocked the boat with their decision to not allow players to gamble real world cash. Instead, GTA$ is transferred into chips, which will then be playable inside the game. Many people have speculated this was to stop Rockstar games from entering the world of real online casinos. Because, after all, they aren’t a specialist in that area and its growing market.

However, if you are into the idea of spending for perks, you’re in luck. VIP membership packages for GTA Online offer up awesome rewards, including; a free of charge limo service, a penthouse suite, rooftop helipad and airport concierge. Plus, you’re also rewarded with an exclusive chance to play at high stake tables.

Did we mention you’ll also become part of the inner circle, as well as a legitimate member of the casino business too? Yes, you’ll be immersed into the thick of the action. It’ll be down to you to protect the casino staff, and keep your investment safe.

We’d seriously recommend a VIP membership if you want to get the most out of this game and update. After all, the more of the world you can access, the bigger area you have to play and explore. Whether that’s unlocking fun novelties like drinking champagne, or discovering entire campaigns for hours of extra high-quality game play.


GTA fans can expect everything they hoped from The Diamond Casino & Resort. Plus there’s a little bit more for the hardcore VIPs out there too. Drive out to Vinewood, lay your chips on the table, and experience it all for yourself. Somebody’s got to take home the jackpot.

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