Good Mid Lane Matchups in League of Legends

Mid lane is among the easiest roles to carry within the league of legends. Maybe this is because you can access any part of the map and dish out a lot of damage. Most mid laners can roam to other lanes and still keep pressure on their mid lane opponents. Zoe is one of the most frustrating League of Legends champions to face in the mid lane. She has a ton of burst and area-of-effect damage that can delete an entire team. Zoe begins to dominate at level six after accessing her ultimate. However, she still has her weaknesses, and you can defeat her. Here are the best Zoe counters and good mid lane matchups in League of Legends.

1. Zed. While Zed has a melee kit and relies on his abilities early on, he is one of the best counters to Zoe. Zoe has predictable movement patterns that you can use to poke her down. You can use Zed to poke Zoe down and get into melee range to finish her off with Zed’s passive and ignite. If Zoe tries to use her paddle Star to clear waves, look for her shadow and use your Living Shadow (W) in her movement pattern, Shadow Slash € for damage, and hit a double Razor Shuriken (Q). A combination of these tactics and Zoe will burn her health potions, making her an easy target for an all-in. You can also set her behind early on and force her into defensive items. This will allow you to roam free around the map and help side lanes.

2. Syndra. If you do not want to take risks to do damage, use Syndra. Sydnra is ranged and can wait for Zoe to walk to the minion wave before unleashing a deadly combo. Try to poke down Zoe with your Dark Sphere (Q) and try not to fall behind. Farm and force Zoe to become defensive. Look for your spheres’ positioning on the ground from the Dark Sphere ability and try to land a scatter of the Weak (E) once Zoe uses her Paddle Star ability. Now unleash your entire kit damage, and Zoe will be defenceless. Repeat this combo by controlling your spheres. Once you reach level six, you can kill her using your ultimate. However, ensure you do not expose yourself to her Paddle Star or Sleepy Trouble Bubble.

3. Galio. Galio is good at setting up ganks and moving around the map. He uses a defensive approach to counter Zoe. His tankiness and the magic-oriented kit allows him to survive the laning phase and poke down Zoe. If Zoe tries to be aggressive, you can use your Justice Punch (E), Winds of War (Q), and shield of Durand (W) combo. Play across the entire map when you reach level six, and you will leave Zoe stuck farming the mid lane. This way, she will have to sacrifice a lot of experience and gold if she wants to follow. In later stages of the game, move to the front line, and your tanky build will soak up any incoming damage. Zoe will not be able to dish out any damage to your teammates. Try to aim your Q where Zoe teleports from and where she lands. This will do a lot of damage and force her into defensive mode.

With these effective counter picks, you will easily minimise Zoe’s strength. Always have one of these champions in your pool and at the ready.

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