Gaming on PS Vita vs Gaming on Smartphone

The mobile gaming industry has seen an incredible rate of growth in recent years. The number of active users is increasing and the same is expected for the years to come. With the constant progress in industry achievements, players are more interested in comparing different games available to them, as well as the hardware on the market today. This feature will focus on a comparison between PS Vita and Smartphone Gaming.

More About PS Vita and Mobile Gaming

Android is one of the most installed operating systems on smartphones and players are more than recommended to enjoy games from this platform. Google provides all in one solution for all sorts of communications, internet search, and regular entertainment.  On the other hand, The PlayStation Vita is a handheld console released in 2011. It was an evolution on the previous handheld from Sony Interactive Entertainment, the PlayStation Portable (PSP), and offering several innovative features to attract contemporary players. However, both PS Vita and mobile gaming are portable and that’s why they have many similar aspects to them.

Ubiquity of Android Devices

Players around the globe enjoy the full accessibility of Android devices and their wide recognition. Many gamers around the world are already using mobile phones powered by Google’s Android operating system and they appreciate it’s comprehensive features. New titles are constantly developed and more players are attracted to it.  Another trend from 2020 shows that core games have increased in popularity on the platform rather than just the traditional casual gamers mobiles are associated with.

Some of the most interesting are PUBG Mobile, Roblox, Honour of Kings, and Genshin Impact. Core games are based on in-app purchases or subscription monetization. We can also see developers including in-game ads to make additional revenues from purchases. At the same time, core mobile games are getting more attention than PS Vita games.

Mobile phones are optimized for different games ranging from casual to hardcore experiences. Players can also access online casino titles on smartphones and play for real cash. However, the incredible success of Android devices has some costs. Every game has certain specifications and users of affordable devices may not be able to access the games they want. The latest versions of Android phones, including Huawei and Samsung, are not so affordable.  PS Vita’s hardware, on the other hand, is available for much lower costs when you’re looking to buy hardware outright, which is a very important advantage. Once you purchase a game for this system, you will rest assured of its compatibility.

PS Vita’s Benefits and Issues

As we already stated, PS Vita is more affordable than a higher performance Android mobile. However, it also stands out with different controls such as face buttons, dual analogue sticks, and shoulder buttons. PS Vita also includes touchscreen tech and motion sensors which are comparable with Android devices. In the past, PS Vita owners who used to be PS Plus subscribers had access to a selection of free games each month. While this is no longer the case, we can still enjoy the benefits of Sony’s Cross Buy initiative where over 300 PlayStation 4 games can be bought on the PlayStation Store, immediately granting PS Vita owners their version free!

However, as fans have criticised since the console first launched, Sony limits Vita to work solely with its memory cards which could be a problem as the card costs are high. The Vita has also now reached its stagnation period (or at least in terms of new games being released) which is a major problem for gamers. Now when people can access games from a dedicated Android phone, PS Vita is not attractive as it cannot offer the same diversity and modern gaming experience.  Under the ideal circumstances, you’d select to have both an Android handset together with a PS Vita, mixing the benefits of both devices. While some people can afford this option, some users need to make a decision. Choosing an Android smartphone would be definitely better than Vita as it appeals to more customers in the market and will have a healthy supply of games for a long time to come.

Trends in Middle East Gaming Market

According to a recent report by, the Middle East Gaming Market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 12.1% between 2021-2026. The gaming sector is expanding in the United Arab Emirates, where the average gamer spends about $115 per year. The growth is also based on the introduction of smartphones, with mobile gamers spending about 20-40 minutes on video games per day.  E-sports are also showing an increased demand in the market which drives the entire gaming sector in the Middle East.  Now you can choose a favorite Arabian online eSports gaming website and enjoy incredible titles such as Call of Duty and League of Legends.

We can also mention that augmented reality is becoming compatible with mobile gaming. Some of the best games based on the augmented reality model are Pokemon Go and Ingress, but there are also new titles in the industry including Minecraft Earth and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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