GAME Selling Remaining Stocks of PS Vitas for £40!


We reported last year that branches of GAME were no longer taking in the PS Vita or its games as trade in. Since that time it has been steadily phasing out the console from all of its stores across the UK. The machine and accessories disappeared some time ago, and games soon followed, or were being sold off at greatly discounted prices.

Stocks were reallocted between stores, moving them to stores that were stronger Vita hot spots in the chain. But even that didn’t save the Vita from it’s fate in-store. Games dropped in price to an astonishingly low £4.99 regardless of what the title was, allowing for many gamers to pick up some incredible deals. Now while the Vita seems to have disappeared from the company completely, there are still a few surprises left.

It would appear that a few branches of GAME still have pre-owned consoles left in stock and these are being sold off at the pocket busting price of £40 each. The price only applies to the wi-fi model but when you look at the website the price is still listed as being £159.88 for the pre-owned model.

GAME Vita Price Deal

Things get interesting when you go onto the stock check option to see if it’s available in your local store. Once you enter your postcode, the site checks the three nearest stores to you and this is where the fun begins. Initially the site will offer you an impressive price for a new unit of £80.00 but when you click on the pre-owned tab, this is what you are presented with:

GAME PS Vita Deal

Now this is very much going to depend on where you live in the UK, but we have had reports that there ARE still stocks of the PS Vita out there in the wild in branches of GAME. Hopefully your local branch will have more luck than mine diid. Happy hunting and if you manage to find one, let us know in the comments below.

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