Game Review: Payout Poker and Casino (PSP)

Payout Poker and Casino

There are games for every genre and device, and over the last few years, there has been an explosion of casino-style games for many consoles, including this PSP offering, Payout Poker and Casino which the team at have had great fun playing and reviewing for us. So what did they think?

The Premise

In a style similar to other PSP games this is a walkthrough game that expands as you unlock more features or in this case casinos. Each of the casinos offered different casino games, including as the title suggests, poker. There isn’t a strong plot or story to follow making this the perfect game for lazy evenings when you really haven’t got the inclination to concentrate too hard. Mooch around, play some games, wander off and get a drink and it will be still where you left it when you get back.

Starting the Game

As is the case in other games you need to create your character to play, all the usual options are available, pick your hair, clothes, height and weight, decide if you are male or female, change the face, you know the score. They actually offer a good selection of character creation, and you can invent yourself as an emo, a nerd, whatever takes your fancy. The graphics are ok, they are not the best, but they work good enough for a game at this level. Once your creation is ready to go out gaming, you will be watching them in the third person. At the tables, you activate the top down view so you can see the action, and in the slots, you take the face on view as if you were standing in front of it.

The Tables

There is a good selection of table games on offer, lots of the big table games you would find at a casino from Blackjack to Craps and of course Roulette. To progress through the game and open up new casinos giving you access to new games you need to collect stars. You get these all-important starts when you play the games, and win. So if you correctly pick the winning number in roulette you get a star, if you get a natural Blackjack you get a star, you get the picture. It is a strangely addictive game with a very simple premise, but this makes it great fun to play when you just need to chill. The fairness of the game sometimes seems a little off kilter, every time we had a winning streak it became impossible to win again for some time, but that is the luck of the draw and kind of how it goes at real casino to be fair.


A nice little game to occupy the time with no need for masses of concentration. Perfect for tedious journeys or unwinding before bed. The graphics could be better, but overall the game does what it needs to and held our attention well, as we snuck back for a quick game during the coffee break.

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