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Right then I’m sure I can fit Combine Harvester’s into this review… what? Not a single one? Okay then I may have been pushing my luck here then, the search continues, maybe Farm Frenzy 3…

As I am the country bumpkin of the team I took the executive decision that I should review this sequel to the original and because I am so kind to you all, you can find the review for here for Farm Frenzy! So then on to Farm Frenzy 2, If by any chance you played the original title, then you can dive straight into this version safe in the knowledge that you know pretty much what you are doing. However on the other hand, if you have never touched Farm Frenzy then step this way.

In Farm Frenzy 2 you are given a series of challenges that you are required to complete in an allotted time frame. Doing so earns you points which can be spent on upgrades for your farm in order to keep it up to date with the challenges you will face further down the road. Challenges range from gathering so many produce from your animals, to making enough coins from selling certain produce, to creating new products from the produce you have collected. Of course you cannot do anything without animals! Your livestock produce items over a set time that you can use to sell or combine to create new items that usually sell for more money. However, your produce won’t just magically turn into new products, and that is where your farm buildings come into play.

These buildings, which are fully upgradeable, turn your produce into new items, an example of this would be that the milk from your cows can be taken to a dairy and be converted to butter. Creating new items is the key to growth on your farm as the more items you produce, the more money you can spend on upgrades to your buildings and on your resources. The cycle of looking after your livestock, collecting the produce, creating new items and selling them may seem simple enough but in practise against the clock, it can turn frantic as you scramble to make sure everything is collected quickly and distributed between your farm buildings and sold to market as soon as possible. This is made worse by the bears that regularly show up and run amok around your farm, scaring off all your livestock and generally ruining everything. This is just one extra problem that you will need to deal with on top of the new system of being able to fly items in by plane that you need to create higher grade items. Challenges gradually introduce you to the new buildings and items as you go and further in you will need to manage multiple processes which will mean selling old buildings to replace them with new ones as the space you have is limited.

Controls are pretty simple, you control a reticule around your screen using the d-pad and you use the x button to select items and upgrades as you go along. Nothing else is necessary or required. Unfortunately I found that it is all too easy to highlight the wrong building or item in a panic and ruin everything you have done, so care is needed to avoid ruining well laid plans. The soundtrack is as repetitive as it could possibly be and it is a shame that this area has not been improved over the original with some variety, however the soundtrack is not the main event here. The graphics themselves have had an overhaul and certainly appear more detailed than in the 1st game.

My overall experience of Farm Frenzy 2 is that this sequel is better in almost every respect to its forbear and yet again you will find that the time just drains away before your very eyes as you strive for Gold on every level. Having played Farm Frenzy before, I could hit the ground running in Farm Frenzy 2 quite easily, however this game demands you change your strategy from the first game to accommodate it’s new features.

Overall, Farm Frenzy 2 is what a sequel should be Bigger, Better and more enjoyable, even if you have played the original there should easily be enough here to entice you a second time and to keep hold of you even longer! Recommended to anyone! I think I know what I’m reviewing after this…

Ben Gove

At A Glance

  • Title: Farm Frenzy 2
  • Publisher: Alawar Entertainment Inc
  • System: PSP Minis
  • Format: PSN Download
  • Cross Buy: No
  • Online Multiplayer: No
  • Local Multiplayer: No
  • Memory Card Space needed: 15MB minimum

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