Game Pulls The Plug On Pre-owned Vita Games


In a surprise move, retail giant Game has announced today that they will no longer be accepting pre-owned Vita games. Signs displayed in stores today informed customers of the new policy.

No More Pre-Owned Vita Games

In essence the chain has decided that they are streamlining their business. In doing so they are focusing on the current generation of consoles only. As a result they have made the decision to stop accepting pre-owned Vita games along with titles for the PS3, XBox 360 and WiiU.


The rollout for the change is quite is quite rapid. Stores will no longer be accepting titles from 13th December 2018. The company has been phasing out the sale of pre-owned Vita games in stores for some time. Titles have been removed from many and stocks have been sent to a limited number for sale instead.

Future Sales

We don’t know what this will mean for the PS Vita at Game although we expect a clearance sale imminently. If your local store still stocks pre-owned Vita games we’d recommend you keep checking regular for bargains. Alternatively check the Game website as stocks are sold off.

High Street Impact

This is going to affect UK gamers considerably. While most resort to online purchases, some do still buy pre-owned titles from Game. With this avenue removed, only CEX and independent stores remain. We could be looking at a potential price crash for the Vita if it is widely perceived as a dead and unwanted system. Worst case scenario for collectors is the opposite. Prices could rise dramatically as games become scarce and are seen as rare collectibles. Only time will tell.

Where so you buy your Vita games from at the moment? Do you prefer to buy new or pre-owned? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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