Football Manager 2014 Remains A Classic

Unfortunately for fans of Football Manager, Sega no longer release new versions of the game on PlayStation Vita. However, that does not mean you can no longer partake in football management on your device.

Football Manager 2014 remains in circulation so it is well worth getting hold of, despite no update to the current squads on the game. If you do manage to pick up the gem, here are some tips for success.

Rotate Players In Cup Games

If you do take a job with one of the biggest clubs in Europe on the game, there are a lot of matches for you to navigate throughout the season. If you play the same XI every fixture, there is a real danger that your players will be burnt out at the back end of the campaign.

There will be some games in the two cup competitions where you can give the fringe players a chance to shine. They should have enough quality to get through the tie, while it also boosts their morale, which means you have a happy squad.

Those who follow football will know this is an approach followed by many of the leading managers in the Premier League today. Pep Guardiola uses that rotation system at Manchester City. Although his side have been eliminated from the Carabao Cup this season, they are the favourites in the football betting to win the Premier League title with odds of 8/11. Expect to see him rest his big players in some FA Cup fixtures later in the campaign as he prioritises the league and the Champions League.


You can have as many as three scouts at your club on the game. These are vital for your transfer policy. Spreading them out across the globe increases your chances of finding a player who can really have a big impact on your team.

If you are managing a lower league club, your budget will obviously not be as high so you will be looking for a bargain. At higher-ranked clubs, South American and Africa are great regions to concentrate on as many players go on to have great careers in Europe. For example, Manchester City signed Gabriel Jesus from Palmeiras and he has gone on to be one of the best forwards in world football.

Once your scout has come back with suggestions, you can compare their scout reports to see whose stats are the best, and also look at who has the most potential to improve.

Loan Player Vital For Lower League Clubs

The loan market is something that is really important if you are managing a club in the lower leagues. You can snap up players from Premier League clubs who don’t have much experience but have a lot of talent.

These players can make the difference between a promotion push as they are likely to be playing at a level they are too good for, especially strikers who have great finishing stats. As we have seen this season, Macauley Bonne signed on loan for Ipswich from Championship club QPR, and he scored 11 goals in his first 15 league games.

Enjoy playing Football Manager 2014 on your PS Vita. You are sure to get really into the game and you will experience the highs and lows of what it is like to manage a football club.

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