First Impressions: PSOne Classic Final Fantasy 7 on PS Vita

This article will contain a very small spoiler regarding the game’s opening mission.

Now I know you’re wondering why I’m writing a ‘First Impressions’ review of a video game that was released back in 1997. Well, recently the remake was announced at Sony’s E3 conference for the PlayStation 4. Considering I had never played the original before, I decided to buy the PSOne classic during a sale for the Vita.

So to dive into the review, Final Fantasy 7 has been dubbed the pinnacle of JRPGs since its release. And so far, it has certainly lived up to its name.

Upon the game’s opening you are thrown immediately into a futuristic setting, where a corrupt organization known as Shinra are draining the planet of its energy, using giant reactors.

You take the role of Cloud, a mercenary and former soldier of the Shinra army. Cloud is recruited by a terrorist group known as Avalanche to stop the corrupt actions of Shinra and save the planet from destruction.

With video games today, you are often greeted with a rather boring introduction where you’ll configure some small settings, (for example, putting in your name, learning basic control buttons, etc) before telling you the main synopsis. Final Fantasy 7 starts with you immediately destroying one of the reactors with Avalanche as the game teaches you the basic button actions as well as the turn-based combat.

This took me by surprise as the game teased me with its interesting story, characters and action within minutes. Which only led to me wanting more.

In regards to performance, graphics and so forth; Final Fantasy 7 has no performance issues and looks amazing on the Vita screen.

If you are a JRPG fan with a strong love for story-rich games and fun turn-based combat that doesn’t seem to feel like a chore, I highly recommend playing this game.

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