First Impressions: Level 22

Gary is my new role model.

Who’s Gary? Gary is the star of Level 22, an office stealth game by Moving Player. And Gary is not putting up with your puny timetables.

He’ll be there late. He’ll get to work when he gets to work, thanks. Went on a bit of a binge last night. Bit hung over.

Got my buddy on the phone, guiding me through the office. Dude looking at me? I’ll put up a newspaper. He can’t see my face, so he can’t see me.

Security guard? No problem, got plenty of donuts.

So, basically, you’ll have to get to your office without being spotted. Think Metal Gear Solid, but in an office. And with a hell of a lot of humor.

I’m honestly having tons of fun with this game. And it runs great! Unity on Vita is supremely under-used.

Look forward to my full review soon.

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