First Impressions: Day of the Tentacle Remastered

The first time I fell in love, I was 8 years old. Her name was Wednesday, and she was on the TV. Of course, I’m talking about Wednesday Addams, played by Christina Ricci. I was really hoping Day of the Tentacle Remastered would be Christina Ricci in Monster: aged, but even better. So far, it’s been more like Christina Ricci in After.Life: a lot of potential, but somehow, something’s not really clicking.

I think the game’s main problem so far is pacing. The dialog, on which the game relies so heavily, is extremely forced and as far removed from fluid as a diamond.

This makes it very hard to engage with the game’s story, which -leaving the obvious LSD trips involved aside- is actually quite funny.

As far as gameplay, the game is very much like any other graphic adventure: point-and-click, discover objects, etc.

I don’t know if I’m just seeing games like Secret of Monkey Island through the tinted glasses of nostalgia, but Day of the Tentacle just doesn’t seem that big or engaging. Or fun. At least so far.

Not all is bad, though: the ability to switch between the original game and the remastered version at the flip of the Select switch is -and I’m being 100% honest here- one of the coolest features of any re-made game I’ve ever played.

And while the voice-acting is wooden, the music -which has been re-recorded- is absolutely fantastic: it has all the tropes of 90’s cartoons, with the budget of a post Broken Age Double Fine team.

Also, the commentary from the game’s makers (with subtitles!), is such a nice addition for any fans of behind-the-scenes.

Granted, I’m very early in the game (that’s why this feature is called First Impressions), so I’m still hoping my experience with the game, as it develops a bit more and we get deeper into the Grandfather clock, will improve.

Not only because I want the game to be good (which I’m sure it is -was?-), but also because I want to like this game. I want it to do well.

If you want to know whether it does or not, be on the lookout for my full review (coming soon).

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