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FIFA Football PS Vita

FIFA has been one of the most successful game franchises of all time. Dating back to the 16-bit era with the Megadrive, SNES and Amiga, there have been FIFA games on almost every system since then. The PS Vita is no exception with four releases starting with FIFA Football and wrapping up with the controversial FIFA 15. The latter causing a ruckuss being little more than a legacy edition with just updated visuals and player rosters.

But now, everything has come to an end with the removal of all digital FIFA games from the PlayStation Store on all formats, including the PS Vita. With the release of EA’s FC24, all older titles are being de-listed. This is inline with Electronic Arts losing the FIFA license after a lengthy dispute over costs. It had been rumoured that FIFA were asking $300 million, an increase from the $150 million paid for the 2023 release.

What this means for Vita owners isn’t clear right now. Online play was discontinued some time ago, and physical copies of the game are easy to obtain due to its large production numbers. But for those of you who purchased any of them digitally, it isn’t clear at the moment whether you will be able to re-download them should you need to.

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