Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy Coming To PS Vita

Fantasy Hero Unsigned Legacy PS Vita
If there’s one game genre that is well represented on the Vita, it’s the RPG and developer Arc System Works is bringing its new action RPG, Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy to the PlayStation Vita later this year in the US and the rest of the world in the first quarter of 2015.

In Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy, that well-spiked luchador can be you, running around with three of your friends and punching and pile-driving the ever-loving spit out of anything that looks at you funny. Mostly, you’ll be punching Decoders, the monsters who’ve ruled your world with an iron claw since they took it over twelve years ago.

Scary stuff, no doubt, but check this—you and a grip of other humans managed to get out before the hammer dropped, and you’ve built yourselves a secret hideout. You’ve been holding it down for twelve long years, but now it’s time to come out swinging and see how well those creeps can decode a championship-winning sleeper hold.

Watch the Fantasy Hero: Unsigned Legacy here:

Each foray into the wider world is a chance to grab weapons, rack up some levels, and pump up your skills, but watch it: Even at max level you won’t be able to fill out every branch on the skill tree, so figure out if you’re gonna punch, or…punch in a different way. Or swordfight, or shoot, or robot, depending on which character you’re playing as. And weapons? Well! You can use the ones you find to enhance the ones you’ve got, or you can convert them into completely different weapons! It’s like magic! In fact, it probably is magic! This is fantasy, after all.

Really, though, how much fun would all this punching and weaponing and skilling be if you couldn’t share it with someone? Isn’t that what life is all about, sharing experiences with those close to you? Maybe. I’m no philosopher. But I am a press release, and I can tell you that you’ll be able to hook up with your friends for four-player co-op, play through the story together, get special team skills, and pick each other up when you’re down—or dead, as the case may be.


  • Choose one of four heroes to save the world, each featuring a different playstyle: slashing, wrestling, shooting, or punching with giant robot fists!
  • Enhance or remodel weapons to create deadly combinations.
  • Fully voice-acted heroes, supporting comrades, and enemies come to life as the story unfolds
  • Complete your party with up to 4 player local co-op
  • Explore the world further with new missions available as DLC.
  • Re-color your characters with Character Color Packs DLC, including colors inspired by Guilty Gear and BlazBlue

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