Everything you need to know about GTA’s casino

It’s something that fans of GTA have been eagerly anticipating for six long years now. Up until recently each time they’ve sped by The Diamond Casino and Resort it was the same story. A sign stating “Opening Soon” which had started to try everyone’s patience to the limit a long time ago. But then, on July 23rd 2019 the great day finally arrived. Fans had been given prior warning with a teaser released by Rockstar Games and now they’ve stated to play in the casino and discover just what a pivotal role it’s having in the overall game.

There are many theories about why it’s taken so long for the casino to open. One of the most likely is that Rockstar were waiting to see how the gambling elements in Red Dead Online were going to be received. Luckily, they went down well and here we are, ready to play. So here goes with everything you need to know about The Diamond Casino and Resort.

Vita Envy

Time after time, we’ve looked at the GTA series from afar, longing to see the franchise come to the PS Vita. It’s sad to think that even with 16 million consoles sold there hasn’t been a single GTA game released for it. The closest we have come so far is Grand Theft Auto: iFruit, the companion app that was designed to be used alongside GTA V. Beyond that, all we have been able to play have been the three PSP titles Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.

Despite several games being released, none of the original PSOne games have made it to the PS Vita by way of the PlayStation Store either. It’s quite disappointing to think that the Vita is the only console to-date in the entire PlayStation family that doesn’t have a GTA title. While that leaves us with just the PSP games under emulation for most of the time, it doesn’t mean that we have to miss out on GTA V.  Remote Play is one of the Vita’s best kept secrets and combining this and a PS4 and we’ve got access to not just GTA V but the new casino. Or even better, use a PlayStation TV and connect up a DualShock 4 controller for that real PS4 experience anywhere in your home.

So where is GTA’s casino?

First things first, you’ll find the casino right next to Vinewood Racetrack. There are plenty of signs outside so you really can’t miss it.

How do I get in?

It’s relatively cheap to get in, but this only gives you certain privileges and only lets you play certain games. The initial membership fee is a pretty reasonable GTA$500 and for this you get a welcome bonus of a very handy 5,000 chips. Once you’re in you can try to work your way up the VIP scheme to reach the ultimate Platinum level. Read on to discover how to do this.

What games can I play?

There are a number of games you can play at the casino, whether you prefer roulette, card games or slots, but you can only play them against the house. But it’s important that you do play them if you want to make some serious cash and become a more respected and valued player in the Diamond Casino.

If you’re a blackjack fan, then you’ll be pleased to hear that card counting seems to be a viable option but if you’re a poker player you may be a little disappointed that only the three-card variety is available.

For aficionados of online slot machines, you’ll be spoilt for choice with a number of themed games that include Twilight Knife and Impotent Rage and horseracing followers can also bet on Inside Track. Finally, there’s a Lucky Wheel that you can spin for the chance of winning all kinds of prizes – and even a new car.

How do I get a penthouse?

One of the biggest perks of winning big in the casino is that pretty soon you’ll be able to buy one of the penthouses that are reserved for the highest of high rollers. The starting price for one of these is GTA$1.5 million. There are two options at this price. You can either go for one which lets you design your own personal space and buy art and furnishings for it or go for a far more basic crash pad.

Moving up the scale, the Party Penthouse can be yours for GTA$3,776500 and comes with a number of extras including a bar, a spare bedroom and a spa.

But the absolute ultimate is the High Roller for an almost unattainable GTA$6,533,500. For this your accommodation is going to include an office, a media room, access to your own private dealer as well as a ten-car garage waiting to be filled with your fleet.

How do I gain VIP membership?

The good news is that, along with getting you a very expensive piece of real estate, buying a penthouse also gives you instant membership of the VIP club at the silver level. This brings quite a few handy perks with it including automatic valet parking for your vehicle whenever you come to the casino, an aircraft concierge to lead you to the rooftop helipad, a limo service to give you a lift when you don’t feel like driving plus exclusive access to the high limit tables and the VIP lounge.

But the real long term benefit of getting your VIP membership is that it allows you to go on a series of missions and climb up the VIP hierarchy to gold and then platinum level.

What missions can I go on?

Once you’ve achieved VIP status there are two kinds of missions open to you – co-op ones and casino work missions that you can request from Agatha Baker. Co-op missions are linked to a mini story within the game in which you have to help the casino owner Tao Cheng in his efforts to fight off the hostile attempts of a Texan millionaire to take over the casino.

There are six of these missions in all and completing each one earns you GTA$13,000 plus an additional GTA$50,000 the first time you finish each one. These are all missions that can’t be done solo and there’s no guarantee that you’ll be the host – so there’s a chance you might have to repeat them. But if you’re skilful and complete them all in one go you’ll earn yourself a new car – the Enus Armored Paragon.

The casino work missions aren’t as lucrative but are worth taking on all the same. They can earn you between GTA$5,000 and $10,000 depending on how quickly you manage to complete them. They include doing things like escort in a security van and protecting it from attackers and sneaking an impounded car out from the garage where it’s being held. There are at least eleven different mission variants so they give plenty of opportunities to earn some GTA dollars and have some fun along the way.

In fact, fun is what the new addition of the casino is all about and many reviewers agree that it’s already added a new dimension to the game. So, get on your tuxedo and get down there today to mix it all up a little.

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