EU PlayStation Store Update – 17th September 2014


It’s been a little while since we brought you an update regarding new content on the PSN store so without wasting any more time we’ll look at the latest additions to the EU PSN Store this week…

PlayStation Vita

Jetpack Joyride Ultra Bundle – £3.29/€3.99/AU$5.95

Murasaki Baby – £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95 (20% off for PlayStation Plus members until 24th September)

Run Like Hell! – £3.29/€3.99/AU$5.95

PlayStation Mobile

Steam Lands – £3.39/€4.29/AU$7.45

Pong Breaker – £1.39/€1.79/AU$2.95

Inflatable Maths – £3.39/€4.29/AU$7.45

Solbrain I – Village – £5.89/€7.49/AU$12.45

Flight World Simulator – £3.69/€4.49/AU$7.75

One Image Viewer – £1.19/€1.49/AU$2.45


LittleBigPlanet PlayStation Vita

  • Run Sackboy! Run! T-shirt – Free
  • World Peace Day Costume (Sept Seasonal) – Free

Run Like Hell

  • Medium Coin Pack – £1.69/€1.99/AU$2.95
  • Big Coin Pack – £4.99/€5.99/AU$8.95
  • Great Coin Pack – £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95
  • Dead Man’s Chest – £15.99/€19.99/AU$29.95
  • Small Coin Pack – £0.79/€0.99/AU$1.45

Deal of the week

Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition (PS Vita/PS3/PS4) – Was £6.49/€7.99/AU$11.95, now £3.29/€3.99/AU$5.95

MXGP – The Official Motocross Videogame (PS Vita) – Was £34.99/€39.99/AU$54.95, now £11.99/€14.99/AU$22.95

Disney discounts – ends 24th September

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean [PSP] – Was £7.99/€9.99/AU$14.95, now £3.99/€4.99/AU$7.55

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End [PSP] – Was £6.49/€7.99/AU$11.95, now £1.99/€2.49/AU$3.75

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest [PSP] – Was £6.49/€7.99/AU$11.95, now £1.99/€2.49/AU$3.75

PSP Pirates Double Pack – Was £9.49/€11.99/AU$17.95, now £3.29/€3.99/AU$5.95

Availability change

Fate/EXTRA (PSP) – Now available in Finland, Norway

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  1. For some reason they haven’t listed any of the updates this week although I have noticed that a lot of the “new releases” for PSM in some weeks (which are actually updates) haven’t had any updates at all, they’ve just been bumped to the top of the list!

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