EU PlayStation Store January 2020 Roundup

Considering the fact that the PS Vita is regarded by most as being a dead console, it’s still doing well when it comes to game releases. January 2020 has been a relatively healthy month for gamers in the West with a steady flow of games on the EU PlayStation Store. While a number of games have been released physically in Japan, and as limited edition titles, we’re interested in what’s available from the EU PSN Store. So without wasting any more time, what have developers brought us as we entered the new decade…?

Those of us who are PS Vita and PS4 gamers will know how exciting it is when the official store is updated with the latest releases – something that will soon be relevant to the upcoming PS5 in due course, too. As always, the bulk of the store was given over to the PS4, but it didn’t mean that there wasn’t anything for the Vita. Far from it.

7th January 2020

Link-A-Pix Deluxe from Lightwood Games is another in their extensive range of puzzle games for the PS Vita and PS4. The game takes elements from the classic Picross, adding a new twist, as you create hidden pictures by joining different colour lines together on a grid based on colour and length.

15th January 2020

A surprise release from Eastasiasoft, Without Escape is a first person horror point and click style adventure featuring full motion video. Again, a Cross Buy release for the PS Vita and PS4, and featuring multiple endings, this budget price release is one that will certainly give you more than your money’s worth.

Next up from the developer of My Big Sister comes the top-down adventure Red Bow from Ratalaika. As with their previous games, it’s a horror title, where the heroine is trapped in a nightmare world. Solve puzzles, meeting all manner of strange creatures along the way and your actions and decisions will affect which of the game’s endinngs you’ll see but be warned, it’s not for the feint hearted!

Not really a new releases, but the final title for that week was Hidden Trap Combo: Retro Pixel Set. This Cross Buy compilation featured a selection of four games and a PS4 theme for the bargain price of £15.49. With A Hole New World, Bit Dungeon Plus, Ice Cream Surfer and Ghoulboy all included for PS Vita owners, it was a bargain that couldn’t be turned down.

22nd January 2020

Not only that, but Foxyland 2 has also been released for the Vita from our friends at Ratalaika Games, having first been made available on Steam in 2017. This one sees the main character, Foxy and his wife Jennie go on a journey to find their kidnapped children. The Wolfie brothers are the culprits of the crime, so Foxy and Jennie must battle past their enemies to reach the siblings and rescue their frightened cubs. Playing this game is quite the thrill, just like playing the free casino games at has the same appeal. As always with Ratalaika, this is Cross Buy with the PS4.

29th January 2020

Ratalaika continue their support for the PS Vita with their final release of the month – Milo’s Quest. A retro styled top down adventure putting you in charge of the four-legged hero of the game, Milo. Drawn to an obviously appetising bone he’s found in a local park, he grabs it but to his horror he finds out that it’s cursed! Grabbing it releases the Evil King Old Skull. Being the brave young pup that he is, Milo sets off to stop him! With a choice of playing a puzzle or more combat focused game, it’s got something for everyone.

Balthazar’s Dream was the final Cross Buy addition to the store for January, and this takes you into the dreams of a dog, where the plotline is to try and save his owner. It’s a beautifully crafted, pixelated game, and Balthazar the dog tends to dream of very mysterious and crazy lands, which will take you on quite the adventure.

So while it’s not been as active as some months, considering the fact that it’s in the post-Christmas slump we’re not off to a bad start with six new games in the first month of the year. Now let’s see what February brings us…

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