EU PlayStation Plus Update – April 2017

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The games available for gamers in the EU from Sony Interactive Entertainment as part of their PlayStation Plus subscription have been announced for April 2017 and once again it’s left PS Vita and PS3 owners feeling disappointed with Sony’s offerings…

First up is the PS4 and the first title on offer is pencil-art shooter Drawn to Death. Despite receiving a lacklustre response from those who have played beta versions of the game it is being released straight to Plus.

Following this is the sci-fi shooter Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. Closing the lineup are two Cross Buy titles with the Vita but I’ll come onto these shortly.

On the PS3 things look even more bleak. Two games up for grabs – Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom and Alien Rage. Neither rated highly according to Metacritic which explains why Sony abolished their policy of only offering games that achieved a score of 70% or higher. These certainly wouldn’t have made it.

The PS Vita is very much a case of personal taste and once again looks to indie developers for its inspiration. First is Curve’s 10 Second Ninja X and this is joined by Curses n’ Chaos. Many gamers have been vocal about the number of retro styled games  appearing on​ PS+, especially for the Vita and while a lot of these can be great, getting these and not much else is understandably frustrating.

Vita owners have embraced the indie scene but variety is needed. As always, these are both Cross Buy with the PS4 and it does  start to make you wonder if this is the way the service is heading for us. That Sony will only source Vita specific titles if they don’t  I have any Cross Buy ones.

Anyway, to sum up April’s offerings are:-

  • Drawn to Death (PS4)
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime (PS4)
  • 10 Second Ninja X (PS Vita / PS4)
  • Curses ‘n Chaos (PS Vita / PS4)
  • Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom (PS3)
  • Alien Rage (PS3)

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