EU PlayStation Mobile Update – 13th May 2015

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After a couple of quiet weeks on the PSN Store, there are finally some new releases for PlayStation Mobile enthusiasts to try out and as well as that there are also a few other developments with the upcoming closure of the service in a couple of months time, but before we mention those, we’ll start with a quick run-down on the latest releases…

New Releases

  • Appli Archives AlphaNuts CrimsonBlue (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game compilation
  • Appli Archives Boosim Lab Minnano Yabo Neo (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game compilation
  • Appli Archives extreme Pairon Mobile 5 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game compilation
  • Appli Archives NIKOLI Slitherlink 2 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game compilation
  • Appli Archives TEAM RISE Vol 3 (HAMSTER Corporation) – mobile game compilation
  • CollectOrb (Daish Games) – due to be released last week, this is a maze-based puzzle game
  • Project: Stealth (LostVision Gamestudio) – a 3D stealth based puzzler with vector-based visuals

PSM News

For the last few weeks, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have not made any mention of PlayStation Mobile titles in their weekly PlayStation Network Store updates. This has been somewhat worrying, especially in weeks where PSM titles have significantly outnumbered the amount of native PS Vita releases giving the impression that there have been no new titles available to PS Vita owners. This apparant abandonment of the service can only be frustrating to developers who are already struggling with a lack of promotion of their work.

At the same time, despite Sony reassuring gamers that they will be able to re-download purchases of their PlayStation Mobile titles until the end of September 2015, the download list now appears to have disappeared from the PS Vita for many users. When attempting to view the download list on the console, while the Game and Video list function normally, the PlayStation Mobile option returns a message stating that “There are no content items.”

This is particularly worrying because it means that PS Vita owners will be left with no choice but to re-download titles through the Store itself and with PSM titles being unsearchable and distributed into the unfriendly and inaccurate categories, finding titles will be somewhat difficult. Of greater concern is that there are PSM titles that have been deleted from the PSN Store that were available in people’s download lists (fishFishFISH! for example) that are now lost unless you still have the game installed or backed up.

We now strongly advise everyone to back up ALL your PlayStation Mobile titles before any games are removed from sale and lost forever.

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