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The often brilliant and generally scathing Jim Sterling posted a video yesterday decrying fact that Sony seemingly keep shooting itself in the foot by not fully and properly supporting the Vita. He goes into detail about the recent incident that allowed Vita owners to play and download any of the old PlayStation Portable or PlayStation 1 Classics currently available for purchase from Sony’s online store. It appeared to be a server error on Sony’s part. They later that day “fixed” the issue by disallowing those titles from being accessed and played by Vita owners.

I’m sure most of you who are reading this site are aware of the entire story, so I won’t go much further than that. Another part of his argument is that Sony is not being nearly aggressive enough in snatching up the rights to port little games from the PC’s Steam’s catalog (I’d include Desura as well). It’s true! Currently, SCEA only has so much bandwidth in finding and getting developers saddled up and ready to self-publish on PlayStation platforms.

Some developers might not even be in the position to sign the necessary NDAs and other countless legal documents in order to begin development on specialized hardware. They may not be in a country where sending a devkit out to them is feasible!

This is where we are stepping in. My company and I are already signed for PS4, Vita and Xbox One. There are a ton of small games that are more suited to Vita than a sit-down on your sofa experience. We’ve already signed two games for PS Vita (we’ll announce them soooon!!!) but we’re looking for even more.

We handle the ports, system compliance, API integration, and will most of all, work with the developers to include any new content they want to include as well as making sure the port is up to their standards.

If you’re a developer and have a cool thing, please email Hello@Wolfgame.com

Let’s make games happen.

Me too Jim.

-Wolfgang Wozniak

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