eastasiasoft to release KID TRIPP + MILES & KILO COLLECTION physically

PRESS RELEASE – Announced – Pre-orders opening soon. Expected to ship: Mar, 2020 PRODUCT GOES ON SALE JANUARY 30. 1500 COPIES MAXIMUM PRODUCTION.
Both games include individual Platinum Trophies on one Vita cart.

Kid Tripp
Have you got what it takes to help Kid Tripp escape? Kid Tripp has crashed on a mysterious island and now the local wildlife is out to ruin his day. Run and jump your way through 20 levels of intense platforming madness in this tough-as-nails platformer! Have you got what it takes to help Kid Tripp escape?

Miles & Kilo
Miles and Kilo have been attacked by a mischievous specter! With their plane in pieces and a gang of thieving scoundrels running off with the important parts, the unfortunate duo’s only hope of escape is to embark on a thrilling chase across a haunted island. Miles & Kilo is a fast-paced action platformer that contains 36 challenging levels and 5 exciting boss battles.

It contains2 Action Platformers on 1 Card! With Dual Platinum Trophy Support!

– Kid Tripp: English, Traditional Chinese, Korean
– Miles & Kilo: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean

  • Super challenging, fast paced platforming action
  • Silky smooth 60 frames per second
  • Twenty levels, four awesome worlds
  • Super cute pixel art by Mike Burns
  • Old school soundtrack from Chris Kukla
  • Optional challenges to test players’ skills to the max
  • Fast paced, challenging platforming action
  • 36 challenging levels, including 5 exciting boss fights
  • A fun, light-hearted story told with a retro flair
  • A totally rad chiptune soundtrack
  • Smooth 60 frames per second

You can pre-order the twin pack from Play-Asia right now at https://www.play-asia.com/kid-tripp-miles-kilo-collection-limited-edition/

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