Eastasiasoft Teases New PS Vita Game!

In a shock post on Twitter first thing this morning, Eastasiasoft teased that they may have still have one final PS Vita game available to release for sale…!

A couple of years ago I wrote an article talking about commercial game sales coming to an end for the Vita. In that piece I discussed the fact that there were just a handful of titles remaining at that point. These included a few digital releases through the PlayStation Store and a final title from Limited Run Games – Super Meat Boy that had been held back for a couple of years. There were the rumoured releases from Nicalis, of which we have seen proof of the existence of three physical titles but several years later still no major release, just a handful of prototype copies which are now selling for in excess of $1,000 each.

And then there was Eastasiasoft. At the time, they still had six months of physical releases planned and managed to bring us a final selection of great games, many of which were physical exclusive releases including the superb PS Vita port of Horizon Chase Turbo. But now, on their Twitter account, they have hinted that there may be something else on the way…


This has obviously got the Vita community speculating as to what this might be. Is it a game that was announced at some point but allegedly cancelled? Or is it a secret project that was never discussed publicly? Could it be a brand new game that was never given a digital release? Or more cruelly, could this just be stocks of packaging for a game that never made it to the factory for cartridge production?

Only time will tell as Eastasiasoft release more details but fingers crossed we get one more release to the Vita’s catalogue. But if it is a brand new game, let’s hope there are enough copies for everyone who wants one!

We’d love to know what you all think this might be in the comments below…

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