Dev Interview: Greg Kasavin (SuperGiant Games – Bastion)

We love featuring devs and their wares here at VitaPlayer, and today we have a very exciting guest: Greg Kasavin, writer of “Bastion”. We loved the game in our review of it (read it HERE), and we got in touch with Greg to talk about “Bastion”, Vita and the future of SuperGiant Games.

Feast your eyes with the interview below.

VitaPlayer: What it like porting the game to Vita? I know it was originally written in a language that is not the friendliest to our beloved handheld.

Greg Kasavin: We’ve brought Bastion to a number of different platforms over the years and each had its own technical and design challenges, and the Vita was no exception! We worked with BlitWorks, a Barcelona-based studio that’s successfully adapted a number of great games to the Vita, and their experience with the platform proved to be essential to this version. They did the heavy lifting on the technical side and even developed a proprietary tool to help rewrite a lot of the underlying code in the original game.

VP: What’s in store next for Bastion? Is there more for the game to give in its current form?

GK: We designed Bastion to be a complete-feeling experience, so it’s not something we plan to extend beyond the original scope of the game. That game is special to a lot of people at this point so we think part of our responsibility as the creators of it is to preserve it rather than go messing with it. It’s the sort of game you can play through once and hopefully have a rich and interesting experience, or play through multiple times in different ways to get more out of both the gameplay and the story. In other words, we don’t have anything else planned for Bastion at this point, though we haven’t ruled anything out for the future either! We never would have expected that there would still be demand for this game in 2015 back when we were first working on it.

VP: Having seen the reception on Vita so far, and the hardware’s capabilities, how likely is it that “Transistor” will make it to Vita?

GK: The reception’s been great so far! It was fun getting to announce that the game was out during the big PSX event in San Francisco. As for a Vita version of Transistor, we have no plans for that at this point though we appreciate the interest. We encourage those with PS4s interested in playing Transistor on Vita to check out the Remote Play feature, which we think works quite well with the game.

VP: What is next for Supergiant?

GK: Good question! We are in the midst of figuring that out. Our long-term ambitions are modest I think. We want to stick together as a team and keep making games our way. While I hope we will keep surprising people with each game we make, I also hope the values expressed in our games remain intact over time — so the kinds of things people have enjoyed in Bastion and Transistor, from the design to the presentation to the narrative, those will always be things we are focused on.

VP: Anything you’d like to say to the VitaPlayer audience?

GK: Thank you very much for your interest in Bastion and for your patience with us as we worked on this version of the game! I think the Vita is a terrific game system with a unique library of great games, and I’m happy we can finally be in the mix.

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