‘Destiny of Spirits’ special events in November and December

If free-to-play RPGs are your thing, you will be pleased to note that the creators of Vita title ‘Destiny of Spirits’ have arranged a series of events, bonuses and giveaways, commencing on the 20th November and finishing on the 3rd December.

Returning players on the 20th November will find three new items, including a ‘Gold Joker’, 10,000 summoning stones and 10,000 spirit points.

A Raid event, ’14 Days of Darkness’ has been arranged, featuring battles with different bosses each day of the week.

The one-week mission ‘Friends in Need’ will run again from the 1st December.

In addition there will be a reduction in the number of orbs needed for purification and the return of limited summons.

It will be interesting to see how the ‘free to play’ model aligns with a handheld such as the Vita, but this at least shows there is commitment on the behalf of the developer to keep updating content.

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