Demetrios Now Sold Out At Red Art Games

Red Art Games joined the ranks of companies producing physical copies of digital games for the PS Vita last year. During that time they released six games, many as part of their ongoing partnership with Cowcat Games including their debut point and click game Demetrios: The Big Cynical Adventure. Recently, Red Art Games posted on their Twitter account that some of the games are now in limited supply and that Vita owners needed to act quickly so they didn’t miss out…

Unlike other limited edition publishers, while Red Art Games’s titles are available in similarly small quantities to other publishers, they don’t release them at set times and dates and have often had most games available for pre-order. This has meant that their titles have been much easier to buy than their counterparts and – it seems – has negated the impact of online scalpers that has been prevalent elsewhere. Infact, months later and stocks are available for virtually all of their games still so it would appear that their games are being bought both by collectors and players.

However, they have now seen their first sell out title. All of the copies of Demetrios have now sold. For those of you who forgot to pick this game up, you now only have the option of picking up a copy on the second hand market or a digital copy from the PSN Store.

To get any of their remaining PS Vita games, head over to the Red Art Games store while stocks are left.

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