Dead Or Alive 5 Plus Confirms Cross Play and Cross Buy Features

Dead Or Alive 5 PS Vita

It has just been confirmed by Tecmo Koei that the latest game in the Dead Or Alive series, Dead Or Alive 5 Plus, which is due to hit the PS Vita on 22nd March 2013 will have a range of Cross Buy and Cross Play features for the Vita edition linking it extensively with the already released PS3 counterpart making it an essential purchase for fans of the franchise.

Cross Play

The game will have full Cross Play functionality with the PS3 including the following primary features:

  • Hardware icons will appear next to player names in cross-platform battles to indicate whether they are playing on PS3 or PS Vita
  • Cross-platform battles will run at 60fps on both platforms so there will be no lag or slowdown even when playing on different devices
  • All characters that have been unlocked on PS3 can be used on PS Vita and vice versa
  • In-game rankings will show whether players are on PS Vita or PS3

Cross Buy

Any purchased downloadable content will be available to both systems no matter which one you have purchased it for. At the time of writing, 100 additional costumes have been released for DOA 5 and all of these will be immediately available for use with the PS Vita and can be transferred if you have already purchased them for the PS3, and adding new gameplay options at the same time.

Cross Save

Any save game data that you have on the PS3 or PS Vita can be transferred seamlessly between consoles so you can continue your game on the go or carry on your mobile gaming at home. In addition, any bonus content unlocked on one system will also be available on the other. Finally, any new stages made available for DOA 5 on the PS3 will be available for the PS Vita.

This level of interaction between both consoles is helping – as with other similar titles – to show that the PS Vita is an essential addon to any PS3 gamer’s collection. With Cross Buy for full games appearing more frequently for full price releases, 2013 could well be the Vita’s year.

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