18 Minutes of Localized Corpse Party: Blood Drive Gameplay Released

Marvelous Europe have released 18 minutes of gameplay footage showing the English localization of Corpse Party: Blood Drive.

The game is to be released on PlayStation Vita in North America this October 13, however it will see a later release date aimed for this month in Europe. We can assume the European release date will be close to Halloween.

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  1. Just had my pre-ordered copy arrive this morning. Not tried it yet (okay, I haven’t played the first two in the series either so they’re first to run through) but I have to say that the bundle is VERY impressive.

    The one I have comes in a collector’s box with a glossy art book (similar to the one included with Steins;Gate), a set of postcards, double CD, a small mini figure (blind-boxed so mine’s staying sealed) plus the game itself all in a large box with some great artwork and the cover featuring an embossed logo.

    Very impressive stuff and if other developers / publishers opt to go down this route and take pre-orders to fund physical releases for Vita games rather than sticking to 100% digital for the West then I am 100% for it and going by the quality of this one, I’ll be ordering a LOT more to come…

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