Console Saga Heading To PlayStation Mobile On 12th March 2014

Console Saga PlayStation Mobile

Thomas Hopper confirmed earlier today that the latest release from TACS Games for PlayStation Mobile, Console Saga, is set for release through the PlayStation Network Store next week on 12th March 2014 for EU territories (and we assume on 11th March in North America).

From the screenshots and trailers, it is looking like his best game yet for the format – a blend of platform and shoot-em-up action. Jump into a world of corrupted games and swing your way to victory over the constructs! Come back to life as the ancient hand held games console and use your blaster and grapple beam to traverse the landscape of corrupted retro games and defeat the corruption that threatens the world of retro but also prolongs your unnatural life. The game features 16 levels including 4 bosses, a grappling hook to swing between platforms, a random challenge level generator to share levels with other players and hidden collectibles on each level with time challenges on all levels throughout the game.

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